If you are already in a committed relationship, it is important to learn how to boost that relationship and keep a positive and pleasant reinforcement in the places where your relationship is already excellent. 


Is there such a thing as a couple match and a “twin soul”?

Before we get to know the six ways to test for a match, it is important to note that if you expect one bright day to meet your soul mate and then everything will be perfect as in fairy tales, this is a limiting expectation that blocks the ability to live in a good and loving relationship.

This is because a good relationship is not something we find out there, but something we create by commitment and investment, by being open and ready to connect. At the same time, there are still partners who are more suitable for us, with whom it will be much easier to create a good relationship and reach amazing levels of love, connection, and happiness. 

Authenticity and openness

We all live in a culture where we must abide by social conventions if we are to succeed economically and socially. Therefore even the most authentic people, who are not afraid to express feelings or stand on their own, also obey the rules of society, maintain an image and try to create a positive impression non-stop. All the more so as people who are less authentic and naturally open, will often give up on themselves in order to adapt to society.

Relationships are the only relationship where we can be one hundred percent free with opinions, feelings, fears, body and sexuality, free in all. Couples is the place where masks can be removed completely. When there is a match, there is such a high level of intimacy that there is no need to impress and play and play, there is no fear of expressing ourselves.

In such a relationship, the desire to know in-depth and be exposed far exceeds the need for approval and validity from the spouse. When there is a couple match we must have a light and pleasant feeling of freedom and release. In contrast, a feeling of heaviness, limitation and the need to hide should light a red light. 

Bottom line, the more authentic and free we feel, the more we are in the right relationship. This is the same in the physical sense and so intimacy is a way in which we share and show these emotions. If this is an area that is struggling, you could consider Acoustic Wave Treatments

A deep common denominator

Contradictions are said to persist, and there is probably truth in the claim when it comes to sexual desire. However, what connects couples for years and produces friendships and intimacy is actually the common denominator. A common denominator does not mean that the couple must be identical, not at all, then marrying ourselves will be boring.

The implication is that at the level of fundamental values and worldviews there is a connection. The implication is that there are common goals, topics of conversation that fascinate both spouses and lifestyles that are acceptable and desirable to both.

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