Most of us try to take good care of our teeth, after all, we all want to have that perfect smile and… make our Dentist Hampton proud! Unfortunately, even those of us who are ultra-careful about what we eat and fastidious about brushing and flossing could be damaging our teeth!

You see, there are a lot of surprising foods that can cause cavities and a whole host of other problems for our teeth. If you’re eating certain foods, you’ll probably be making trips to Fort Wayne Dentist to have your teeth sorted out. Here are some of them you’ll want to avoid completely or cut down on in the future…

Chewable Vitamins

You might think you’re being super healthy taking your vitamins every day, but if they’re chewable, then chances are that they contain a not insignificant amount of sugar, and they can do the same kind of damage to your teeth as your favorite candies. This is due to their stickiness. So, it might be time to switch to a non-chewable version.


Beef jerky might be a great snack, but it could also be a problem for your teeth, more specifically if you have braces. Any invisalign orthodontist or decent dentist will tell you that jerky and other tough meats can get caught in braces, causing them to become damaged or even broken. When this happens, it can really harm the progress you’ve been making with your teeth, and possibly cost you a lot of money too!

Dried Fruit

Another ‘healthy’ snack that could actually be causing you problems is dried fruit. Why? Because it’s extremely high in sugar and because it contains much more non-cellulose fiber than fruit in its original form, it’s very sticky. If you eat a handful of raisins each day, you might as well be eating a candy bar as far as your teeth are concerned. Stick to fruit in its raw, natural form if you want to keep your winning smile.

White Wine

Because white wine doesn’t leave obvious stains on the teeth like red wine does, you could be forgiven for thinking it does no harm. However, white wine is very acidic, more so that it’s red counterpart, which means it could actually cause more problems, especially in the form of enamel erosion, for your teeth.

Pool Chemicals

I’m sure that you take the time to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals of the pool before you go for a swim, but what about your teeth? This is probably the most surprising item on the list, but pool chemicals tend to have a higher PH level than the saliva in your mouth, which means they can cause acid erosion, sensitivity issues and even the build-up of unsightly brown tartar if you swim regularly. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to monitor PH levels, and as long as they are no higher than 7.8, you should be fine.


If you have piercings around your mouth area, in your lip, for example, they might look good, but eventually, they will cause your gums to recede and bacteria to collect around the teeth, which could lead to infections. So. think carefully before getting pierced and if you do, always keep some mouthwash on hand.

Now that you know this stuff could damage your teeth, you can take action and ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as can be. If you want more information on how to take care of your teeth, consider conversing with Tandartspraktijk Antwerpen Euro Dent. They are an experienced international dentist firm that can help.

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