You’ll only find your wings when you let go of hate and greed and material things.


Oh, those old artistic souls
With poets’ hearts and gypsy blood
Movers and shakers of the world
Who don’t fit in and always stand out
Fluttering among us with words and art
They live in a world colored
With mangoes, oranges and aquamarine
Skies filled with blues, blacks and tangerine
Singing, painting and creating out loud
They belong to no one and no crowd
Playing only the strings of their serendipitous hearts
Being rebellious as only nonconformists can be
Courageous and brave they love unafraid
They’ve abandoned conventional society
For peace and love and harmony

Beautiful lovers tangled in dreams
Catching hopeful breezes
Knowing there is a better way
War is not the answer
Fighting doesn’t work
Greed robs souls of divinity
Normal doesn’t reside in their vocabulary
It’s all about the moment—
Being in it, feeling it, touching and tasting it

Those lovers of love—
The bohemian way
The road of genuine joy and riches is not accumulating “things”
Don’t buy into the lie you’ve been told
Life is about creating and dancing and doing and loving
Life is about adventures
Wealth is a mental attitude, a soulful journey, a heart’s delight
Expressing passions through movement and poetic things
Not an abundance of stocks and bonds
Silver and gold and platinum rings

You’ll only find your wings when you let go
Of hate and greed and material things
Oh, those old artistic souls
With poets’ hearts and gypsy blood
Like wise old sages

They know, they know, they know.

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Melody Lee has published four poetry/prose collections, including Moon Gypsy, Vine: Book of Poetry, Season of the Sorceress, and Lilies & Lace & Dark Pretty Things (also in Spanish). Her poetry has been featured live on Shrimp Shack Ipswich Community Radio, based in the UK; A Better Media Today, an online magazine; Creative Talents Unleased; Indie Blu(e) Publishing; and Her Red Pen. Coming April 2021, Poems for Girls Becoming Women, an anthology from Workman Publishing.

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