We have a choice, every single morning, about who we are; who we get to be. Decide and remind yourself. Remind yourself every day. Get started right where you are and watch your life change.


Meditate Before Work – This is such an easy way to get your head right, early on. Whatever your meditation of choice is: silent breathing, a morning walk, working out with music…do something to center your energy and reset your thoughts. I either dance to fun, positive music, spend a few quiet moments in the garden, or simply breathe deeply and reset my thoughts upon waking.


Having a clear mind is a gift; it lets us fill our head with positive ideas and guidance for the rest of our day. Start your day on purpose, program yourself…with the idea that you will enjoy yourself, that you’ll be productive and kind. And observe how your day flows around what you’ve decided, almost like it was magic. Maybe it is!


Avoid Emotional Reactions – This may seem easier said than done, but while at work, remember to always distance yourself from your emotional responses. Whatever the issues are, pause and breathe for a few moments, rather than reacting irrationally. Call up your common sense. Focus on the information.


Think – This should be a no-brainer, but it often isn’t. Stay calm. Stay mindful. Use your brain, assess the situation, ask yourself why things might happen and approach them with a clear head. You’ll get much further with problem-solving than to stomp around or curse at things. I promise. Been there, too.


Practice a Calm-Assertive Mindset/Energy – This is a trick I picked up from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, many years ago. And this way of being works for everything: pets, people, problems. At the core of things, we imagine ourselves at our greatest: a royal ruler perhaps, and let that attitude of confidence, success, responsibility, and centered knowledge flow through us. And the energy we emit influences everything…and helps us to solve problems rather than exacerbate them.

Stacie Hammond | A Better Today Media



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