Everyone alive knows that white is the traditional wedding color. It all started back in 1840 when Queen Victoria took the brave choice to wear white during her wedding. Since then, white wedding dresses have become synonymous with chastity and purity which most brides no longer have before their wedding day, it’s like asking a modern man to endure permanent chastity as they outline on lockthecock, until they find themselves walking down the aisle, it no longer happens in today’s society. While some brides are stepping away from the tradition, most weddings still feature white in some form. And, for many of us, the idea of wearing any other color on our wedding day is just plain wrong.

But, there are downfalls to wearing a white wedding dress. As well as showing every speck of dirt, it’s sure to reveal other aspects of your body which aren’t as polished as they should be. Sticking to the traditional white dress or deciding to wear a different colour shouldn’t matter to anyone but you. You need to be able to look at your wedding pictures in years to come and be pleased with the decision that you made. The only way you can relive the most important day of your life in your dream dress is to hire a wedding photographer that can capture every moment. There are more photographers than we know that you can use, such as this wedding photographer devon who can gift you with a lifetime of memories which shows you wearing your perfect dress. A white dress or not, if you’re not sure what we mean then read on to find out the two main ways your white dress may not lead to the white wedding day you had planned.

Tackle your teeth

More than any other day, you’re going to come under scrutiny during your wedding. All eyes will be on you. And, who can blame them when you’ll be looking so stunning? The trouble is, contrasted with the stark whiteness of your dress; your smile may not be as shining as you’d hoped. This will be the case when going down the aisle and in your wedding pics. Do you want to stare at your yellowing gnashers for years to come? Of course not. So, head to sites like www.horizondentalboise.com/ and book yourself a whitening appointment before the big day. That way, your teeth will look just as clean as your dress. You’ll be able to smile away all day without worry. And, when you look back at those photos, all you’ll see is you and the love of your life.


There’s no denying that some brides do opt for painted nails. Let’s be honest; vibrant red polish can look amazing next to a red dress. But, it would be naive to assume that colored nails are a wise bet for your big day. In truth, they open the floor for a multitude of disasters. We all know how easy it is to chip nail polish, right? Do that on your way to the wedding, and you’ll ruin your whole image. Plus, going near a white dress with a bright polish could lead to spillage disasters. Instead, many brides opt to lay their nails bare. After all, you don’t need to add anything to an already perfect dress.

The issue, of course, is that the whites of your tips may not be quite as bright as your dress. Worse, they’ll be right down there next to it. To make sure yellow fingernails don’t destroy the white vibe, head to sites like www.stylecraze.com and learn how to do a French manicure. Or, if you’ve got a makeup artist for the day, ask them to do one for you. As well as ensuring your nails look pristine, this will highlight white ends, and ensure they stand out. It really will be a good day for a white wedding.

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