Look at any article on any blog. It’s almost guaranteed to discuss something you should do, tips for a better life, methods you can take in order to improve yourself or your understanding and move towards your goals. It is instruction, goal setting, orientation and development. Some advice may help us, some may not. Some might be written with a sincere heart, some may be written for simple advertisement revenue. All of these blogs are active, assertive and bring assurances.

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This is all very well and good. Tips from people with sound advice can go a long way to help you in many situations you find yourself addressing. However, sometimes it’s absolutely worth asking yourself – ‘wait, is it time I chilled the heck out?’ All this activity, all this intensity can often be rectified by a great nights sleep, or perhaps a day to yourself. Here’s how:

Take A Mental Health Day

Taking a mental health day from work is important from time to time. Booking off a day of your holiday time here or there can be a fantastic thing to do. If you really need to, calling in sick for one day isn’t the most harmful thing in the world, but just remember you may actually need that time when really ill, so use your best judgment. However, taking time off from your normal schedule, even for one day, can help you get your bearings straight after a long and stressful period.

Taking the time to simply relax and take a load off can help you plenty in the long run. It’s your choice as to what you do with this day, but we’d recommend staying away from vices such as alcohol, and instead focusing on relaxed habits that can chill you out. Reading in the bath, followed by making a delicious meal, followed by gentle yoga and spending your day painting can feel like it takes twenty years from your emotional and mental age. Of course, this is just a guide, you’re free to do what you like, what matters is that you focus on things that can reduce your stress and help you stay mentally together.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Prioritizing your sleep is a critical habit that not enough people take care of on a given day. This is a true shame because it’s an essential part of living as a happy, together person. You may decide to invest in your sleep hygiene, perhaps purchasing the best pillow for side sleepers, purchasing new linens, replacing your mattress, burning incense or, very simply, actually taking the time to catch up on your sleep. We’ve all been there, working hard for months only to waste an entire free day sleeping in bed. Sleep debt is a real thing, and it can build up hard if you’re not careful. When you prioritize your sleep in this way and take your time to do nothing, you’re sure to recharge your batteries more effectively.


With these tips, you’re sure to chill the heck out and feel wonderful as a result.

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