Modern living is tough on us. It takes its toll on the mind, the soul and the body. In an era where we’re all working harder than ever just to keep ourselves financially afloat, it can seem as though we’re eternally toiling yet never have enough money or time.

The economic and social realities of living in the (almost) 2020s can make us feel like a lab rat running ceaselessly on an ever-spinning wheel. And under these circumstances, it’s extremely difficult to have a meaningful relationship with yourself. But if you aren’t secure in your identity, how can you be expected to be a better person for those around you?

You are not a worker drone. You are not an anonymous desk droid. You’re a living, breathing wonderful person. Even if you don’t realize it. You need to reconnect with that same sense of growth, discovery and wonder that you had growing up.

Here are some tips to help you get off the wheel and fall back in love with being you. 

Take a moment to slow down and appreciate the world around you

Have you ever stopped to notice the breakneck pace at which we’re all living? We need to slow down before we stumble. Yet we spend our lives with our faces buried in electronic devices, plugged into a centrifuge of news and reaction. 

Try and take a few minutes every day to slow the world down. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to do this. It only takes a few minutes a day and can be done in the car, on the train or even on your lunch break. It helps you to focus more on the here and now and prevents life from feeling like it’s stuck in Fast Forward mode.

Build confidence from the outside in

It’s not vanity to take pride in your appearance and enjoy the feel, fit and aesthetic of the clothes you wear. All too often, we can take a purely functional approach to the way we dress, taking no pride or enjoyment in our appearance.

And while it’s nice to be able to dress for comfort sometimes, when we lose our passion for how we dress we can lose a part of ourselves. Try shopping with new online brands like C8E Brand. Shop outside your comfort zone. Try and make one purchase that scares you a little every time you go shopping. That might just go on to become your favorite garment. 

Rethink your attitude to food

It’s also not gluttony to enjoy food. Unfortunately, too many of us simply shovel food into our mouths to fuel our bodies. And this not only brings us little or no joy, but it’s also bad for us. We should be more like the French who take their time over their food and enjoy extremely low levels of heart disease despite a diet high in saturated fats (this is known as The French Paradox). Take the time to enjoy and experience your food. And a big part of this is choosing healthy whole foods over processed junk.

Never stop learning

Finally, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and while getting into a routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if we’re not careful we can find ourselves living our lives on autopilot. Try and learn a new skill often, whether it’s joining a dance class, teaching yourself another language or signing up for a creative writing course. Learning is a great way to get back in touch with our child-like sense of wonder and rediscover our passion for life. 

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Andrea Wilson is a 25-year-old writer and artist who enjoys tea, reading and working out. You can find her in front of a book or at the gym.

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