Tradition can mean many things in our lives simply because we are all born into our own families and this is where tradition begins. Tradition can be any type of ritual or custom usually passed down from generation to generation. We grow up learning about our family traditions and participating in them as children and hopefully pass them on to our own families one day. These traditions are usually something we all look forward to, they make us feel closer to one another and bring about a feeling of togetherness.

Traditions can be important for a few reasons and sometimes we don’t realize their importance until much later in life. They provide a sense of emotional security, a feeling of safety that comes with belonging to a family and creating fond memories together. These memories stay with us our entire lives which we look back on warmly.

I remember growing up in a large Italian family and my grandmother always had a huge family dinner every Sunday afternoon. This is where I would spend every Sunday eating home-cooked pasta and playing with all my cousins as a child. These memories became priceless to me as an adult. On certain holidays, specific foods were prepared which you would only eat once a year on that holiday. It made the day feel that much more special and something we all enjoyed and looked forward to.

Anything can be a tradition if you continue repeating it and eventually it becomes a tradition. Sometimes the simpler the better, whether it is preparing a special meal, reading a story, decorating around the home, baking treats, singing songs, shopping dates, pizza and a movie, coffee dates etc. Anything that you create and continue doing together can be a fun and meaningful tradition.

And remember, the smallest moments in life can sometimes become the most memorable.

n.r hart

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