Our love story had all the makings of a fairy tale romance. I fell for you so fast and saw my happy ending in every moment spent with you.

Loving you just made sense. It wasn’t a choice, it was the only option.

It definitely wasn’t something I’d planned for, but it was second nature to fall with fierce abandon. It was so easy, effortless. 

My heart had chosen you.

Falling in love with you was out of my control, but I do have a say in what happens next. And I will choose to stay in love with you through everything this life throws at us.

I will choose you through every heartbreak, every speed bump. I will choose you through the unpredictable and the unimaginable.

Because if we’re being honest, when we picture our happily ever after, we picture falling in love. We think of days of happiness and infatuation, not the rough parts or negatives.

I have no idea what the negatives of our picture perfect life will look like. And, I don’t care. Because the negatives are still gonna be the picture I always envisioned: you and me. 

As long as it’s us at the end of each day, I will continue to love you. I will continue to put you first.

I will always cherish our relationship for its imperfections because what we have is real and a work that will forever be in progress.

As beautiful as falling in love is, it is fleeting. It happens quickly, without warning and without the promise of any resolution.

But, I promise permanence. I promise persistence. I promise that falling in love was just the beginning for us.



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