Many aspects contribute to our overall health, but did you know that maintaining a good posture for your back can make a difference in how you feel overall?

Concentrating on your posture can help with a variety of ailments and help you stay more in tune with your body. By being aware of what you’re doing with regards to your stance can help you identify the areas that you need to improve on.

Less lower back pain

When we think of posture, we usually associate it with pain in our back. Often this is due to putting a strain on our lower back due to bending, being in uncomfortable positions for too long and when we carry heavy loads. At times we will inevitably suffer back pain but by simply remembering to bend our knees when picking something up off the floor and taking precautions when lifting weighty items, we can reduce the strain and wear and tear on our discs. If you’re worried at all then you can visit Advanced Health Chiropractic who can help you with some exercises to counteract problems.

Increased energy levels and less tension

If you stand correctly, your joints and muscles are aligned and in the process will mean that you are less likely to feel zapped of energy and feel fatigued. We all have tense muscles from time to time but if you are slouching your head forward a lot throughout the day, you will be putting a strain on your shoulders, upper back, and neck.

Reduced headaches

If you suffer from headaches, then you might be surprised to know your posture may be contributing to them. Poor posture can cause tension headaches due to increased muscle tension in the back of your neck. It’s worth changing your posture and walking around to stretch out your muscles if you feel that your position may be aggravating your headache.

Less wear on joints

If you’re more aware of aligning your body to help your posture, then you will notice that sitting in certain positions will exacerbate joint problems. We all form bad habits when we stand, sit and lie and often will shift into positions to make ourselves more comfortable. If you have neck problems, then you really shouldn’t be sleeping on your stomach and if you suffer from hip pain then crossing your legs isn’t going to help your joints in the long run.

Improved circulation and digestion

People who have quite sedentary jobs can find that it’s second nature to sit slouching at a desk or even on their sofa. By sitting in a slouched position, you are compressing your organs and your circulation is likely to be poorer than it should be. Not only are you putting a strain on your back but you’re stopping your body from keeping in alignment. If you sit for long periods, then it’s always a good idea to get up and have a walk to straighten out your body and get your circulation going again.

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