What’s standing in the way of you living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Usually the true answer lies within one aspect – ourselves.

We can be our own worst enemies a lot of the time, and although we may blame external factors, the fact is they are only ever the trigger for less pleasant aspects of our natures to take over while we are vulnerable.

True progress in life means being able to face up to these demons, not letting them rule us, however subconsciously, and to deliberately choose to heal and move on. If we don’t tackle our dark sides, they have the power to influence our lives and our behaviour in every way, so it’s an important part of growth to face down those things we don’t like to look at and control them rather than letting them control us. That way, you can gain true freedom and go on to live your best life in every way.


What You Want Is On The Other Side

We all have dreams and aspirations in life – whether it’s developing our careers, travelling the world or starting a family. As children, anything seems possible and we dream fantastic futures for ourselves – quite rightly. But as adults, somehow we let our fears and emotional problems become huge barriers to our success.

We tell ourselves that the dreams we once held are just fairytale, and aren’t something we can achieve. We let those demons and nasty inner voices telling us we can’t do something, that we’re worthless and inadequate, take over and stop us achieving what we really want. There is no better time than now to stop that negative cycle of self-defeat.

To stop telling ourselves that we don’t deserve what we dream of, or allow us to become self-medicating or fall into negative behavioural patterns. There is nothing stopping you reversing this cycle. From booking a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to looking into substance abuse treatment planning, you have it within your powers to make a positive change. And once you break the cycle, you’ll realise that the only thing which ever truly held you back was yourself.


Learn From The Past, Then Leave It Behind

Often in life, our past comes back to visit us if we have unfinished business. You need to find a balance between learning the right lessons to guide you going forward and becoming trapped in something you can’t change and becoming overly scared of repeating it.

There is a middle ground, but it only comes through being fully conscious of our actions, and examining how past events may be influencing our response to present occurrences. Learning to question our own behaviour in a healthy way is a really useful tool and a form of self-care, allowing us the wisdom and insight of our experience, but not preventing us from taking action in the present.


Use Negative Emotions As Fuel

You should never let yourself be held back from achieving your full potential in life – learn to use negative criticism – from others or yourself – as fuel to spur you on to greater heights.

Teach yourself visualisation techniques to create future success and think about trying mindfulness practice to quieten down anxieties and stress. Developing your mental toolkit can help you take life’s ups and downs in your stride a bit more and clear the way for you to be who you’ve always dreamed of being, now and in the future.

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