Many millions of people live with life-changing or altering long term health problems which include mental illness. Mental illness affects millions of people which inhibits them from working, socializing, enjoying life, and even sometimes being able to get out of bed in the morning.

With anxiety and depression, it can strike at any age and it can linger for numerous amounts of time. After the diagnosis of mental illness, life can feel incredibly painful and you may feel immediately isolated-  now more than ever the chance to reach out is diminishing. If people don’t understand and don’t take the time to understand, you may feel very alone and this can be a difficult element to have to tackle in your journey to recovery.

Aiding your mind and body

There may be some ways to help your body along on its journey, because a healthy mind is a healthy body, as they work in conjunction with each other. With any course of treatment methods you choose to take, it is important to run it past your medical professional, because one size does not fit all and you have to make sure it is right for you. If you spend most of your time at home because of your problems, it’s important to have everything at your fingertips.

Trying new methods can be beneficial, such as yoga, exercise, and CBD. It can be massively useful for those who are suffering from anxiety and with a cbd oil inhaler you can take it to help combat symptoms. Implementing relaxation techniques can help alleviate pain short term and can prove beneficial to your entire wellbeing. Guided meditation, which can easily be found online and on many parts of the internet, including YouTube, breathing techniques which involve slow deep breathing can also help combat symptoms relating to anxiety that may be felt in the chest, stomach, or whole body.  

Enjoy being at home, embrace living at home during the pandemic, and try to see the good in what can come from finding new pleasures. Start to look at what you enjoy doing at home and what is possible to achieve at home. Do you enjoy arts and crafts? If so, make sure you have plenty of art supplies at home; which you can buy online. If you enjoy reading, start to build a little library somewhere in your home, perhaps just one corner of your room or the spare room, which will allow you to feel as if you have another outlet in your own home.

Having a good network around you is vital and so team building is important and this can be achieved with classes, even if they are now smaller than before. Be sure to focus on that can help but be aware that not everyone has a group around for them. Anxiety is a crippling condition that can make us feel exhausted and depressed but it’s time to start looking at the bigger picture and realizing what you are capable of achieving. 

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