It’s a common theme at the moment: how do we live our best lives, grow and learn and build our self-confidence? Perhaps we are asking these questions more as technology enhances our ability to compare ourselves to others. Maybe millennials really are more narcissistic. But actually, a more compelling argument is that we are simply more aware of who we are in the context of the world and our history

It’s difficult to maintain a sense of self when privacy is being eroded and there is so much pressure to act a certain way. In a world where the look is often perceived as being more important than anything else, losing touch with your inner self is all too easy. Even with all the confidence boosting tricks you can think of.

We are asking important questions about confidence because, as a society, we are lacking certainty. This is why we all need to become our own champions. 

What is a champion?

‘Champion’ comes with a range of meanings but they all boil down to one idea: a champion is someone who will surpass expectations to defend or protect an idea. So why is the idea of a champion so important to you?

Imagine if someone could put all their energy into boosting you up and defending you when you’re down. How much more confidence would you have? How much more willing would you be to do things outside your comfort zone? With confidence, a champion brings comes the opportunity to push boundaries and break free of anxieties. 

Be Your Own Champion

Of course, it’s unlikely that you are going to find a champion who will devote all their time and attention to you. Unless, of course, you become your own champion. 

Recently, Bishop Briggs has released “Champion,” her first single of 2019, which illustrates this concept perfectly. The idea behind the song was quite simple. In order to boost her self-esteem, she needed to become her own champion, someone she could rely on to pick herself up and keep going. It’s a song about accepting who you are and supporting and defending that sense of self in all circumstances. After all, who knows yourself better than you?

What You Think Matters

The worry about what other people think is one of the biggest causes of anxiety. But, what other people think doesn’t matter for two reasons: first, you actually don’t know what other people are thinking so any conclusions you draw are void; second, you can’t please everyone so you’re always going to disappoint someone when you impress someone else. 

On the other hand, you do know what you’re thinking, and you can advocate for yourself. Instead of judging yourself on assumed judgments from others, set yourself up to succeed on your own terms. This is what being your own champion means. And, you’ll feel a lot better for it. 

Confidence is often hard-won and is easy to lose. But when you understand who you are and ground yourself in your own expectations, it’s a lot easier to shake off the negatives and continue to pursue your goals. Defend and protect yourself as you would a best friend. 

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