Last year I went through my first real break up and it was quite a difficult journey for me as a young adult and having to experience those types of emotions quite intently I didn’t know where to turn to escape from my sad thoughts at the time.

It wasn’t until I had come home from a physical Therapy season when  I decided to go on Netflix’s and go through the recommended things to watch.  When I found The Ranch and form the second I got introduced to the storyline of the main character Colt Bennett who was a high school all-star athlete who moves back to his small town of Garrison, Colorado after not making it to the NFL.

Colt finds himself trying to pick up the pieces to his life along the way he re-builds his relationships with the people he lost touch with meanwhile trying to navigate brand-new life as someone who has to start over at first, Colt is very distraught that he’s back to square one but soon realizes throughout the series that it’s okay to start over even if it means having to please yourself before others.

As long as you’re trying to find a place in this world and make something out of a negative situation and someone who just went through a breakup the storyline of Netflix’s The Ranch was one of the things that helped me realize that it’s okay to start over and be at a crossroads in your early 20’s since it’s hard to deal with when having a condition like Cerebral Palsy ending a relationship is more difficult because you have the worry of constantly being left alone and you don’t want to be single forever and we have more of a desired to find the one.

So when it came to watching something like Netflix The Ranch and gave me more of the positive side to things that we’re going on in my life to say if I could conquer things like cerebral palsy and have multiple surgeries and face it crosswords at my early 20s like Colt was facing then I’ll can get through anything but also, Netflix’s the Ranch helped me understand that it’s okay to always love your ex and still cherish the memories that you shared together just like Colt still cherish the memories with his ex-girlfriend Abby from high school and still love her and that hit home for me.

Overall Netflix’s The Ranch helped cope with the reality of my ex-boyfriend no longer being in my life and watching the series gave me the coping skills to deal with the emotions of my relationship ending  and having to start over again in my life just like Colt had to buy and at some point Colt figures out his purpose in life and everything falls together which helped me remember that pain is a temporary thing and life will work its course if you just give it time and it will work out the way it’s supposed too so don’t worry about the sadness your facing and the struggles you’re going through at the time.

Just like a breakup and a heartbreak an obstacle you have to face in life but you gotta keep on going and just remember that it will all be okay in the long run that’s how I was able to cope with the things.

Overall the ranch could teach us a lot about life and the ups and downs and it’s a great show altogether so if you haven’t done so check it on Netflix.

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