There is a 99% chance that you’ve come across a quote or saying which talks about finding ‘the one’ or your ‘soulmate’ and it may have even resonated with you but, are these words as limiting as we think them to be?

As a writer I, myself often write about ‘the one’ or a ‘soulmate’ but I truly wish that people who read my work or any other quote on these words truly appreciates the depth of them.

As you grow older these words take on a deeper meaning. You realise that ‘the one’ or your ‘soulmate’ doesn’t necessarily mean one person. In a fairytale world you’d fall in love and walk off into the sunset with your love and while this may be true for many people in real life, the truth is that life isn’t so rosy.

Not all relationships last forever but that doesn’t mean they were less important or that person wasn’t  ‘the one’. They may have been the one for you at that point of time. The next relationship in your life however perfect it may be cannot take away from this fact. I’ve seen people get disheartened after a breakup thinking they’ve lost their chance at love and while I understand the emotion behind this, all I want to tell them is – Wait. Heal. Love will find you.

Similarly, your ‘soulmate’ needn’t be the person you’re in a relationship with. A soulmate is anyone who touches you on a soul level, someone who understands you and is your metaphorical rock. This person may be your parent, your friend, family, partner…anyone.

Throughout our lives we come across many people, some of them make a place for themselves in our hearts and we tend to think of them as ‘the one’ or our ‘soulmate’. What’s important here is to reiterate that as we grow older, we evolve. We meet new people and we outgrow others and that is the reason why we may have multiple ‘the ones’ and ‘soulmates’ throughout our lives.

And then there are those lucky few who find their partner in their soulmate…

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