There’s no getting away from the fact that COVID-19 – the coronavirus, that’s affected the entire planet – is the number one topic in the media. Turn on your TV, listen to your radio, or even talk to your friends and family members, and they’ll all be talking about COVID-19.

Yes, it’s an important topic and one that we should all be keeping updated with as the days and weeks progress. But, you also need to enforce a certain amount of self-preservation during these trying times. To that end, here’s how you can stay sane during COVID-19:

Limit your social media and Internet access

Let’s face it: social media and the Web are the most accessible platforms for people to talk about COVID-19. Some people’s content is helpful, while others are either abusive, frustrating, or just downright weird.

As you can imagine, reading all that coronavirus content several times a day can negatively impact your mental health. That’s why it makes sense to limit your social media access as much as possible.

Sure, social media and the Internet, in general, are great for coronavirus awareness. But, you need to limit your exposure to these online platforms.

Create a daily routine – and stick to it

Humans, as with most other animals, need a daily routine to keep our minds from going insane. Before COVID-19, it’s likely you went to work and came home each day, and had a social routine for your spare time when you weren’t working.

However, you’re now facing a challenging time as you’re spending most of your time at home. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments and create a new daily routine!

If you’ve got young children at home with you, creating a daily routine will also mean involving them in your activities. Of course, you will need to be teaching them things as they aren’t at school. Be sure to schedule that into a set time in your daily routine.

Grow some fruit and vegetables in your garden

If you’re fortunate enough to have an expanse of land attached to your home, now’s a great time to grow fruit and vegetables!

One of the downsides of the COVID-19 situation is that fresh fruit and vegetables might be harder to come by due to logistical problems in the farming and agriculture sectors. There are plenty of things you can grow at home, and you can get started right now!

An advantage of consuming home-grown fruit and vegetables is you’ll be eating organic produce. Plus, you’ll save lots of money on your grocery bills.

Take up meditation

Finally, you should consider meditating when you’ve got some alone time at home. Meditation helps to relieve anxiety and stress from your life. And most people are experiencing a lot of that due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re new to meditation, check out some YouTube videos to help you get started. It’s quite easy to meditate, and you can do so anywhere in your home!

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