One of the biggest misconceptions about cerebral palsy is that were not able to understand socialization or have an average normal life when indeed we do have the abilities to go out and be ourselves and shine.

For example, I’m now 23 years old and I’m continuing to stomp on the barriers that come my way with Cerebral Palsy.  I love to write, travel the world, read books, and inspire others to stomp on the issues that come their way.

Within in the years of me writing about my Cerebral Palsy people always asked me how to do have such a positive outlook on life for someone is my shoes well it’s quite simple I think back to the day  I was born and I almost didn’t make it.

So my philosophies are: it could be worse I could be dead or in a group home because my parents wouldn’t have the ability to take care of me, or I wouldn’t be able to communicate what’s wrong with me when things are happening and I wouldn’t be able to express myself.

Everyone in society should think that despite the obstacles and challenges you face it could be worse. If you could be homeless and have no place to go you could be and a totally different lifestyle.

One thing I learned from having cerebral palsy all these years, is that life is what you make it so you have to make it rock, and you have to always see the bright side of things and how good things are instead of the negative. Of course, we have our bad days but we have to think about what tomorrow will bring to us as God always sheds light to us and he doesn’t give us what we can’t handle.

As a person with a disability, I take my life as each step at a time as I stomp on the barriers that come my way in my life because I know with the amazing support system that I have I could conquer anything.

That comes my way although it may be a challenge, in the beginning, I know that I will get there eventually, but it all takes time and patience to say that you’re never going to give up on the challenges you face and that’s how I have my positive outlook with a disability knowing that giving up isn’t an option.

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