This month is all about fear, today I lost my grandfather. He was 80 years old and had an amazing life and a lot of family to prove it. He was healthy and active his whole life, despite his bad heart. He took a turn for the worse about a year ago and until a year ago he played golf and was on a bowling league. I knew when I saw him at this last Christmas that this would be his last and he knew it too. His heart finally just stopped working and he spent the last week fighting in the ICU. This gives the family a lot of time for the families to talk and remember the good time but also the fears and sadness as well.

We are always thinking about life and death and what it all means and every time we have a family member pass away. It makes us think a little more about what is important in life. Do any of us really do with these enlightened thoughts that we have? We always say, “I need to see my family more, spend more time with my kids, travel, get out of that job I don’t like…” I could go on and on.

My fear is not of dying, my fear is of not trying because of fear or the unknown. I feel I do a lot of what I say I will do but there are still a few things that I would like to do. When it comes to love or my marriage, for example, I have a hard time of letting things go and I think that stems from fear of being hurt once again.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy to make us change but a lot of the time this is what pushes us to do what we finally say we are going to do or change the way we live. How about we just start living life the way we really want and stop making excuses that we do not have time? You never know what is going to happen and don’t wait until it is too late to say you’re sorry or forgive. Life is too short to be angry.


My Grandfather's Passing - Reflections on Life

My Grandfather's Passing - Reflections on Life

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