She did not want to get to the end of her life not loving what she was meant to love. 

She is still in there. The girl you used to be. And she belonged to you and only you. She was happy once being herself and she can be happy again. Search for her underneath the dust of everyday life, inside the drudgery of routine, because she is in there hiding.

You can wake up one day and you don’t even recognize yourself. You look in the mirror and a stranger is looking back at you. She looks sort of familiar but the light has disappeared from her eyes, the blush is gone from her cheeks. It is funny how we don’t even realize that we have lost ourselves somewhere along the way. As times passes us by, some of us may discover that we don’t know who we are anymore. Basically, you have lost touch with yourself.

You used to know that girl. You knew her likes and dislikes. Her favorite books, her favorite movies, her favorite songs, her favorite foods etc. Think back and remember all the things you enjoyed doing. Also think about any new things that would interest you. We may be older and wiser but everyone has their younger self hidden inside them. We must learn how to bring out our younger self again. Some of us never grow up. And this is not a bad thing because this is what keeps us young at heart.

Maybe the timing was off before and you were too busy with the demands of everyday life. But taking time out for yourself is very important to your well-being. It can become very easy to lose yourself in the day to day activities. But taking some “me” time will allow you to rediscover yourself again. Take time each day to do what you like, anything that puts some fun back in your life.

Life can get too serious at times, but if you learn how to put yourself first this will teach you an important life lesson. That you are enough and that you are worth it. And most importantly, not to feel guilty about doing what you want. In the end, if we are not happy then what is the point of our lives? You cannot live for others, you must live for yourself. It is never too late to become who you really are.


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