Confidence and clarity are essential ingredients to living a life empowered. But they take a beating at times don’t they?  A mind full of steam, is overtaken by a head full of doubt. It happens far too often.

Strength, Confidence and Clarity is what we want, but how do we get it, and how do we keep it?

A tip that I have come to appreciate is our ability to get “grounded”.  Getting grounded helps you to gain traction in your life and your dreams. You become earthed, at one with the world, and in doing so reset the energy in your life. It’s individual and it sits within us all. We just have to find whatever it is that grounds us.

Taking your shoes off and walking on the earth or the grass is one method people use. The feeling of being at one with the earth will often bring us back from the edge of anxiety, stress and doubt. Becoming grounded helps us maintain that clarity needed.

Sometimes it’s the dirt between your toes that gives you the clearest picture in your mind. Grounding yourself provides the dirt between your toes and the vision in your mind.

Personally, I have always felt grounded when I surf. Sitting on my board surrounded by water, provides the perfect environment for me to appreciate my life, my health, and reflect back, to freshen my perspective on life. Positive things provide strength, as does reflecting on problems and issues. Being grounded in the water provides the scope I need to refocus.

Just walking into the water has an effect that grounds me. It really is amazing and instantaneous. Whenever I needed a freshening up, I grabbed my board and head to the coast.

But it’s not my only method of getting grounded.

Getting Grounded Gains Traction - Tony CurlOver the last six months, I have returned back to my home town area of the New England Tablelands in Northern New South Wales. I’ve been restoring some family history, and reconnecting with members of my mum’s family. We have shared good times, and good talks as we have wandered down this path of family reconnection. Which has been awesome, but my greatest take-away has been another feeling.

Driving through the area on our way to catch up with family brought a real sense of peace, of child-like wonder and recognition. I spent just eight years of my younger life in this region, but driving through towns like Tenterfield, Glen Innes, Guyra and Armidale, recognising places like Glencoe, Ben Lomond, Deepwater and Emmaville brought back all of those wonderful childhood memories. Memories of country drives with Mum and Dad, country football grounds where my Dad refereed, of delivering petrol with Dad to farmers and the people on the land. I felt completely at ease and completely at peace. I felt grounded.

Getting Grounded Gains Traction - Tony CurlThose childhood memories however, seemed larger than life. That big hill at the end of Hunter Street, Glen Innes where we used to ride our bikes, was really no more than a gentle slope. The steep slope for our billy-carts was now almost non-existent, the stream where we used to catch tadpoles was no more than a drain. The football field where I played as a junior was nowhere near as majestic as I had believed. In fact, the town I knew was a shadow of what it was in my imagination, yet I have never felt more settled, more comfortable, more at home. The long stretches of the New England Highway of grazing land and rolling hills was another sense of grounding for me. Walking through Armidale and feeling the historic architecture was also an amazing feeling and a sense of belonging.

And the longer I stayed, the more grounded I felt. The more I dialled in, the stronger I felt. The stronger I felt, the clearer I became.

Getting Grounded Gains Traction - Tony CurlAnd with grounding came a real clarity of purpose. The seeds of my purpose sprouted from the Tablelands. My growth was originally fed from here. My sense of values, my sense of community and the genuine and caring approach to others were all founded here in the country side of NSW. This is the stuff I will never lose, but at times lose sight of. The timing was perfect.

Grounding brings strength and with strength comes a greater sense of clarity and purpose. My mind created new steps and actions. Journaling them brought them into being. A sense of calm prevailed, bringing confidence to the vision.

Grabbing traction on ideas to strengthen my business, gave confidence to my continuing journey of empowering others. I have a purposeful journey and every day I take action to step closer to my goals and dreams. Getting grounded enabled me to grab traction.

It’s fair to say, I am a driven person and have a clear purpose that I aim to live every day. Working with persistence and determination, I work towards my goals every day.  But even the most driven and successful person needs time to renew and refresh, and that is why grounding is an effective tool for you.

Grounding helps. Grounding works. Grounding supports you. It works to eliminate the stresses and the pressures you feel at times. It works to create confidence and strength to continue your journey.

Grounding is most effective when you have some place to go. When you know where you are going, grounding brings strength and confidence, when you’re stagnant you get caught in the past.

The key to being effectively grounded is to know where you are going. It is to know what you want and who it is you wish to become. It is not to wallow in the histrionics of a past life, it is not to be driven by the demons you have released, it is to provide that foundation of strength that drives you ultimately to your greatest self.

Grounding is a strategy used by many of us to achieve significant things in our lives, and it’s one that can be used by you.

Becoming grounded helps you find your purpose, your light and drive that with clarity and confidence is unbound.

Get grounded. Get started. Gain traction in your life.

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