More of us than ever are now aware of how our actions impact our bodies. We live in an age of healthy eating and consistent exercise. While none of us are perfect, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn’t spend at least some time trying to improve their bodies. You only need to look to the rise in lifestyles like veganism to see that much. The majority of us also embark on evening exercises like yoga and running.

Sadly, many of us find that our efforts don’t make any real difference. We often use this an excuse to stop trying. But, what if we were to tell you that your work life could be the thing holding you back? Our workplaces can cause damage to our health in various ways. Given that this is where we spend the majority of our days, it’s no wonder our home efforts are struggling to get us fit. Before hanging up your exercise towel, ask yourself whether these work issues are getting in your way.

Workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can be horrendous. They can also stop you from being able to get fit. If you’re dealing with a physical injury, there’s just no way you can keep on top with a routine here. That could have severe implications for your health down the line. In extreme cases, a workplace injury can even have lasting repercussions. The answer? Hold your boss responsible for workplace safety. Stop using equipment you know to be faulty, and stop putting up with workplace hazards. Instead, address these issues with your boss before injury occurs. If they still fail to do anything, don’t be afraid to seek legal backing to ensure changes.

Of course, if you are the boss, it’s your job to address any hazards. Even if you have no employees, you should consider your own health and safety. Start by considering some of the most basic hazards. Are there messy cables serving as trip hazards? It  could be worth looking into methods of cable organization as found at sites like Are you using protective equipment when using dangerous chemicals or exposing yourself to loud noises? If not, it could be worth investing in some equipment to protect you from chemical burns and hearing damage.

Sitting all day

With many of us now working office jobs, sitting all day is also holding us back. An astounding amount of office workers now head to companies like Action Spine & Joint Chiropractors for back pain treatments. And, a painful back can leave many fitness options off your menu. In reality, though, things don’t have to be this way. Speaking to your boss could see them buying in some better office chairs. Even just looking up desk exercises and making sure to do them through the day can stop issues here. Even better, this means getting fit at work rather than having work get in the way.

Mental milestones

Aside from harming our bodies, work can harm our minds. Stress is fairly common in the workplace now, as are anxiety and depression. With exercises like yoga coming to the fore, we’re aware of how mental health impacts our bodies. If work affects your mental health, then, your efforts may not reap any rewards. That’s why you should talk to your boss about taking time off if you feel like this. In extreme cases, it may even be worth looking elsewhere for a career which serves you better. That way, you could be able to help your body without your mind getting in the way.

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