Life is a struggle for many. Struggling to get ahead, struggling to find meaning, struggling to find their purpose. And I understand why. 

We get caught up in our world and the events that happen to us. They became placemarkers on our journey of life, but placemarkers not of our choosing. We place pressure on ourselves attempting to gain an understanding of everything we are going through, of things we cannot control and we will never be able to control. Today it’s time to free yourself from some of these burdens. Today its time for a brave new step forward. Simply it’s today.


The Five Things to Free Yourself From

1- Free yourself from the burden of finding a guru’s spiritual meaning. Putting yourself under pressure to find your “why”, to find your purpose, to find your intention, and not finding it is crazy. Just because some guru has provided their insight into their belief in creating the best life, doesn’t mean that you should drive your self crazy trying to bring that into your life. A strong belief of mine is that nothing is right and nothing is wrong in terms of personal development, the only thing that matters is WHAT WORKS. And what works for you.

2- Free yourself from toxic people. There are people brought into this world with the sole intention of making your life hell, by bringing you down and keeping you down. One of our simple pleasures in life is continual growth, and that frustrates these people no end. So if you want toxic people out of your life, practice growth and outgrow them. But make the choice today.

3- Free yourself from needless drama. Today is the only day in which we have any power so why waste it becoming involved in other people’s drama. We have enough problems dealing with our own crap we tell ourselves that keep us bound, so why get involved in other people’s dramas. The wise say, save your drama for your mama.

4- Free yourself from the job you hate. You may be in a job you dislike, going through the motions, living life under the radar. Churning out your 9-5 in amazing regularity. Free yourself from the boring monotony by either getting out of where you are, OR becoming that amazing person at work. The one that drives outstanding standards and is the best person to work with. Can you make the choice?

5- Free yourself from being bound by your circumstances. Our circumstances present another challenge for us. We often believe we are bound by where we are, but in actuality we aren’t. By taking steps every day, we can shift from where we are to where we want to be. It takes courage, but I know you are courageous. You can do this.


Feeling a weight lift off our shoulders is one of the best feelings in our world. When it’s a weight that we placed there ourselves, makes it even better. Making the choice to free yourself from these five burdens provides the chance for you to life that weight. You’ve got this. Remember without the weight, you can fly.

[vc_column_text css_animation=”appear”]Editors note: CoachCurl shares his thoughts on freeing yourself on #31 of the CoachCurl Podcast. Check it out here. 

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