In the twenty-first century, the art of relationships has become a little muddied. It’s rare nowadays to find a couple who met in the bread aisle of the local supermarket or who spent months pining for one another over their office computers.

Today you’re more likely to find people on their smartphones swiping left and right in their quest for the perfect partner. That’s not to say that there aren’t keepers out there, it can just be a little trickier to find them.

While you may daydream about stumbling upon your perfect match as you randomly sit next to one another on a train, you’re more likely to utilize technology in your effort to find the guy of your dreams. So, when you do find a mate, how do you know if he’s the one. Take a look at these pointers to help you find out.



He Becomes Your Best Friend

If you find that you are beginning to share your innermost thoughts with your partner in the same way you would with your girlfriends, the chances are that he’s a keeper. Your relationship will have merged from boyfriend/girlfriend to a more intimate stage. Finding a partner who is also your most supportive best friend is one of life’s rarities. If he is willing to listen, be a shoulder to cry on and goes out of his way to help you overcome challenges in your life, you’ll want to keep hold of this guy.


He Wants You To Meet His Friends

So you may have already met his parents – this is a giant step in your relationship. An even bigger leap is when your partner is eager for you to meet his closest friends. These are the people he chooses to socialise with and who he has developed the most meaningful relationships with. By seeking their validation for your relationship, he wants to welcome you into his tight-knit inner circle. This shows how much trust he has in you and how he sees a future for the two of you as a couple.


He Talks About Commitment

For any partner to willingly bring up the future shows you that he is not a commitment-phobe. When you’ve been out and about, he may have even stopped by a jeweler’s window to look at eternity rings. If this doesn’t give you palpitations and you actually get a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment at the thought of forever with this man, then you’ll want to hold onto him. By discussing future plans like kids, marriage, buying a house and holidays, you are creating a shared future together.


He Remembers The Most Random Things About You

In the early days of a budding relationship, we often mention the most random snippets of information about ourselves to potential new partners. If you told your boyfriend that your favourite animal is a meerkat and he organizes for you to feed them at the local zoo for your birthday ten months later, he’s blatantly head over heels and willing to go the extra mile to make you feel special.

Finding a soulmate, best friend and life partner can be tricky, and you may have to kiss some frogs along the way before you find your prince. However, once you find your perfect partner, don’t spend too long analyzing and enjoy your burgeoning relationship.


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