At some stage in everyone’s life we all face the pain of deception. People, being people, can be selfish. Selfish people act in their own self-interests and doing so often hurt others. Sometimes willingly, other times accidently. And every time, it hurts.

It happens in business; it happens in relationships; it happens at work. It happens. And every-time, it says more about the deceptor than it does about you. Deceptors break business deals, Deceptors cheat on their partners, Deceptors spend money they don’t have and not tell their partner, Deceptors drop you under a train at work. Deceptors do this with no thought of who they hurt along the way. They care about themselves. And it always tells more about them then you. It shows a lack of respect in business and relationships. Deceptors don’t care about others, it’s all about them. It’s about the power they crave. It’s about their selfish ambition, it’s about their emotional desires. It’s about them.

And often the wounded party will search for reason as a consequence of their behaviour. The reason behind the betrayal and specifically what they did that created the situation. But please remember, it’s not about you. It isn’t your fault and says more about the deceptor than you. But there is no denying it, it hurts. It’s tough to recover from. We seek to find reasoning behind the deception to seek solace and comfort. It’s a natural reaction. But its’s one we cannot dwell in.

There is a need to step out from the heavy veil of deception to emerge triumphant and then step into action. Simply we cannot allow the deception to derail us. Continue our quest for the journey of becoming who we should be.


Follow these four simple steps to help you kickstart after feeling the pain of betrayal.

1.  It’s not about you. That realisation is an important one to make as it enables you to place your energy where it will be best served.

2. Take time to reflect to create clarity on your next actions. Clarity enables courage and courage always brings action. Make the moment yours, challenge your core and step out triumphant.

3. Take the lesson and move on without the weight. Take the hint and cut your losses, this is your chance to cut your losses and go on to win.

4. Set your standards. The people in your life have a standard to uphold, and that standard is set by you and you alone. If they aren’t making the grade, cut them from your life.


Don’t allow deceptors to derail you. Don’t allow them to become a distraction to your dreams, and don’t dawdle on your decision to dethrone them. The earlier they are picked up, the less energy you expand, the less power they hold and the less pain they cause.

People are people and behaviour speaks. Deception and betrayal will occur. People who focus on themselves will make decisions for themselves based on their own emotions and needs. Sometimes, you will be in the way. It’s your response that provides the ability to move on with courage. Acting courageously is a choice you make for your destiny and your destiny is what you deserve.

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Tony Curl has been a successful corporate leader for 30 years. He now works alongside leaders in Australia to maintain clarity on their vision and purpose, and helps map their way around their roadblocks and obstacles. Unless you take action on your goals, they remain a dream.

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