Momentum! It can be your friend. The longer you can build positive changes in habits and behaviours, the longer you do that the better you get, the better you get, the easier it gets. Taking small steps daily creates movement and that movement builds into momentum. Momentum makes everything easier.

And that’s awesome if it is creating positive changes in your life.

But, there is a flip-side.

That flip-side becomes a RIPTIDE. A riptide that sweeps everyone in its path off their feet and out of control. Sweeping you out to sea and dragging you under.

One minute your feet are safely touching the bottom, the next minute you’re off your feet and swept away by the riptide, with no control of where you’re heading and how to save yourself.

In our world, we see movements of evil that attract people onto their path and sweep them away to do horrible atrocities that they would never have contemplated before. Swept along on a path of evil. Swept along on a path of hate.

In our world we see the ignorant swept along on a political campaign of simplistic messages and slogans, designed to appeal to the lowest common denominators, to the masses of apathy. The danger these movements create, is the answer is never found in simplistic and contradictory messages. The chants and the roars from the masses doesn’t drown out the real problems and do not find the real answer.

The flip-side of momentum is not just about the evil, the dumb and the ignorant. Look at the history of religious movements, look at the movements of people looking to do good in the world. Looking to change the world. The zealots, the do-gooders. The thought leaders, the public figures. People get swept up on these paths too, cajoled and coerced to behave along the lines of the group norm.

The flip side of momentum is being swept off your feet in a riptide of froth and bubble, with no control.

Momentum can be your friend, but it becomes another entity entirely when you lose control of where you are heading. It can be the domain of the evil, the postcode of the ignorant or the movement of the good. It is truly a riptide that sweeps you out to sea and drags you under.

The apathetic masses fall prey to other people’s agenda. The truly successful, set their own.

If you are going to get swept up in a movement, get swept up in the movement of YOU. Small steps of change lead to movement and when continued, leads to momentum. That’s how you build the best you.

I liken positive momentum to catching a wave. The wave propels you in an enjoyable ride, until it peters out in the shallows. That’s when you stand, and get back out and do it again. The wave is momentum, and momentum is a huge bonus when changing your behaviours and habits to build your best life. Don’t allow others to set your agenda.


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