If only we could all stop the unhealthy things we do, at the drop of a hat. Sometimes we all wish we had that kind of willpower but alas, so many of us choose the easy way out. Perhaps that is where the issue comes from the fact that we don’t have option B: where there is a will there is always a way.

We need to make ourselves another option so when we want to do the things that make us feel good but hurt us in the long run, we can take the side road off the path of self-destruction. When we feel like we want a sugary treat like a bar of chocolate or a donut we need to give ourselves an alternative.

If we feel like just staying home and not going out to the gym, we need an alternative. When we have a bad habit that won’t follow us around, we need an alternative. The only issue is, what kind of alternatives can be deemed as viable choices?

Lovers of fast food

Easily an area that has been studied and added to the most is the fast food addiction. We know the food that various fast food chains sell isn’t good for us, but it tastes so good that we can’t help ourselves. The bottom line to the alternative is, learn how to cook.

You can make these kinds of meals at home and for far less. Do you like the McDonalds cheeseburger? Okay, then find a recipe online that you can make at home and tastes very close to the original thing. If you love Wendy’s fries, then learn how to make them at home from recipes that have been developed by cooks and chefs who have reversed engineered them.

If you can’t get enough of Papa John’s pizza, learn how to make the closest thing possible at home. The more you make them, the easier it will become and you can make it whenever you wish. It takes time to get right but once you have it nailed down, it’s like riding a bike; you won’t ever forget it.

Blowing against the wind

Some of the bad habits we have we wish we could get off them because it’s sometimes a race against time. Our health can only put up with our inability to live a clean lifestyle for so long. One of the most prevalent in society is smoking.

Once upon a time, it’s true, there were no alternatives to this and we instead relied upon just going cold turkey hoping that would fix the problem. But then along came vaping and companies like Cannabsimo. They have different and much cheaper equipment for vaping as well as different kinds of oils and substances. Thankfully the things that you can use for vaping are not all addictive. So rather than go limp, you should try to wean your way off smoking by trying this lesser alternative.

There are always alternatives to unhealthy lifestyle choices but they do require some effort. You need to learn how to cook your favorite fast food meal at home so you have more control over what you put in your body. 

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