Stress. It is often a term that is battered around a lot, but actually to feel stressed is not a pleasant sensation or situation to be in, and can actually go on to cause other issues such as anxiety and depression. So if the truth be known, if you are feeling stressed, it isn’t something to ignore. But how do you know if you are truly stressed or if you are just feeling a little agitated about something? There are common signs for feeling stressed and they can indicate that you are on the stage of burnout. I thought I would share with you some of them and hopefully provide you a few resolutions to get through it.

Feeling fatigued?

One of the earlier signs that stress is causing you to be on the brink of burnout is the fatigue you are starting to feel. Feeling tired is basically your bodies way of saying that you need to slow down. The fast paced lifestyle, the worry, the lack of sleep it can be causing you, these are all signs that you are heading to burnout and you need to stop. But how do you do that? The best attack is to really place your focus on relaxing your body. Lack of sleep could be an issue caused by stress, so it is important to try and ensure you have a decent bedtime routine. A relaxing bath, no alcohol or caffeine, and reading a good book is a great place to start.

Physical symptoms

There can actually be physical signs that you are too stressed and heading to burnout stage. Headaches, increased heart rate, and increase in blood pressure. They can be ways your body is telling you that you have taken on too much. Taking a blood pressure supplement could really help, but tackling some of the other symptoms could be worthwhile. Things like exercise and your diet, even drinking more water could help.

Worrying constantly

If you are starting to worry constantly, which could then be leading on to anxiety and depression, then it is a sign that something is wrong. Looking after your mental health is as important as your physical health, and it can take some time to ensure that you work out what it is that is causing you the stress so that you can manage. Feeling stressed could even be leading to mood swings.

Are you forgetting things?

Feeling fatigued and worrying constantly because of stress will start to have an impact in other areas of your life and being forgetful is one of them. Memory loss can be caused by severe psychological pressure.

Feeling detached from situations and loved ones

Finally, because you are feeling stressed you may find that you are starting to feel detached by situations and loved ones. However, this can lead you to feeling isolated and feelings of depression. But if you do start to feel like this then this could be the final stage of burnout and a sign that you could do with getting some extra help.


I hope that identifying the signs could help you cope with stress in the future.

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Jamie Sanders is a freelance writer for many media outlets. She married her soulmate and writer, Dennis Sanders. They live in Boston with their two dogs.

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