Cannabis has finally begun to step out of its once pervasive stigma. Between recreational marijuana use in some states and the increasing popularity of CBD products, it seems like cannabis is one the cusp of becoming one of the most potent and versatile plants in the public eye.

Of course, not everyone is on board with it just yet. For this reason, aspiring cannabis growers may have to resort to using small grow tents to bring up their buds. However, what are grow tents, and how are they conducive to growing cannabis plants?

What are grow tents?

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. Grow tents are tents designed for growing cannabis inside them. Grow tents are perfect for smaller cannabis plants, which yield between one to five ounces of bud. Any plants larger than that will require a different kind of structure altogether. However, the cannabis hobbyist will be perfectly content with a grow tent.

Grow tents usually have waterproof reflective walls that are airtight and a tray along the bottom to catch any spilled or excess water. When shopping around for a grow tent, make sure to look for most of these qualities. It is smart to invest in a high-quality grow tent, but it will promote the growth of your plants and produce better buds.

What are the benefits of grow tents?

While it’s possible to set up your own grow tent, most growers find that shelling out $75 to $100 to purchase one saves them time and many hassles. Quality grow tents usually fall somewhere in this price range, making the investment pretty cost-effective.

Grow tents will also provide discretion for your cannabis-growing ventures. Some tents are even small enough to fit inside of drawers, so you won’t have to worry about your plants becoming an eyesore. Moreover, most grow tents come in black, one of the most discreet and nondescript colors out there. You can rest easy knowing your plants are safely tucked away and not causing any sorts of problems.

Furthermore, airtight grow tents will prevent any smells or plant parts from seeping out, which could also create a disturbance for any of your anti-cannabis neighbors. After all, nobody wants to deal with an invasion of privacy, whether it’s your neighbors or you. Many grow tents also come with mesh screens inside to prevent any bugs or pests from working their way inside to harm your plants. That being said, the best grow tents will keep vermin out and any distracting odors in.

As you can see, any small scale cannabis grower who’s serious about what they do would be a fool not to invest in a grow tent for their plants. Between their cost, the discretion they provide, and the structures that help promote cannabis growth, make sure your next big purchase is one of these tents. If you’re still skeptical, we encourage you to take the dive and buy one anyway–these tents will grow on you!

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