These coronavirus days have seen an economic downturn like no other. The job market has become unstable, the property market is volatile, the financial markets are all over the place, GDP is down and personal relationships have been tested. All of these can cause heightened levels of anxiety and can have a damaging impact on our mental health. As we stay in our home because of lockdowns, we need to think of ways to protect our mental well being. Read on to find out how.


Just because you are not able to physically hug your nearest and dearest doesn’t mean that you can’t still communicate with them. With lockdown restrictions lessening, meeting up in gardens and outdoor spaces while maintaining social distancing is allowed. Talking to your pals and family about things other than the pandemic can bring a sense of normality back to our lives. You are a social human being so need to maintain your relationships. The sudden halt to heading out to the cinema with friends, going for a meal with your spouse, and attending a dinner party or gathering was a shock to all. 

If you are in a vulnerable group, you may be reluctant to meet up. If this is the case, rely on the virtual world and enjoy meeting up with pals using Teams or Zoom. We can still enjoy one another’s company without putting ourselves or anybody else at risk.


The coronavirus has given us time to reflect on our priorities. We no longer have to endure the daily commute to work or the dreariness of the office, as we are now working from home. This has given us time to consider what we want out of life. Forget about the flash car on the driveway and those materialistic things. Spending quality time with family and enjoying the outdoors have now become paramount.

Reflecting on our lives can also help rid us of our vices. If you want to give up smoking, follow an online quitting plan. If you want to limit your time on websites that do little for your self esteem, consider a pornography treatment program or a social media detox. Doing more tangible, real life things can help you connect more to the world.


Don’t assume that yoga is solely for hippies who adore incense. Rather than prescribing anti-anxiety medication, doctors are now encouraging patients to take up yoga in an effort to protect their mental well being. By moving your body into a range of different postures, you will be strengthening your core. Couple this with breathing exercises and you can center your thoughts and emotions, giving you back control over your feelings. By being mindful and living more in the present rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future, you can feel more content with your life and the people in it.

Our mental health can suffer in times of uncertainty. Try to fight back with these simple steps and enhance your mental well being.

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