Summer seems like such a distant memory, Christmas is definitely on the way, and you’re probably getting used to a routine and the change in weather. The longer days and the sunshine make it much easier to enjoy healthy food and get outside to keep active, which results in you feeling pretty good about yourself from about May to September.

However, once autumn is in full swing and the days are short and far colder than before; it’s a challenge to keep up with the active side of life and munching on healthy food all day, aside from the odd ice cream on the beach obviously.

The change in weather can affect more than just your health and fitness levels; it can bring your mood down, which makes it even more difficult to head towards healthy lifestyle choices. Of course, it’s the season of snuggling up, snacking, and watching festive movies, but that doesn’t mean you have to say farewell to the level of summer health you had a matter of months ago.

The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to continue to feel healthy, both inside and out, and aren’t prepared a little cold weather to put them off.

Look After Your Body (you’ve only got one)

Aside from getting your circulation pumping and keeping you warm outside; exercise will fill you with endorphins so that you feel great, and you’ll be motivated to continue getting out and about. You’ll be able to indulge in those spiced pumpkin lattes if you’re burning them off through your favorite sports, working out, and exercising regularly.

If the cold weather means that you need a little more motivation; you could look into a workout schedule to get you off to a positive start so that you can keep up the good work throughout the rest of autumn and winter. Service like diagnostic imaging can be useful for those who are worried about their inner health, you can head to your doctors to discuss matters further. You’ll need to ensure that everything in your body is doing a great job if you want to keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle. Get the family involved; make your exercise regime part of family life so that you’re all working together to stay fit and give each other encouragement along the way.

Fuel Yourself Regularly

Eating healthily doesn’t mean sticking to the cold salads you enjoyed during summer, and it certainly doesn’t mean cutting down on fuel altogether. You’ll need warming fuel to keep your energy levels up to workout for a start, and you’ll keep your temperature up with plenty of hot autumnal recipes in your stomach. Embrace the seasonal fruit and vegetables with warm soups and hot bowls of porridge with apple compote in the mornings.

Make sure you have a great balance of carbohydrates and protein, so you feel full, and your body has plenty f energy for that run you’ve planned in the evening. Remember that it’s not about losing weight; it’s about filling up on nourishing foods and being as active as possible for a happy mind and healthy fitness levels, so you can sprint into winter and the festivities feeling great.

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