You don’t have to be old and grey to be suffering with aches and pains. No matter what age you are they can really affect your way of life. If you are getting on a bit it is inevitable that you’re going to starting aching in some way, but fear not! All you have to do is make some simple lifestyle changes and you should be able to manage the pain with as little medication as possible. If you need some pointers, take a read of the following points and see how they affect your life.



Your diet could help you more than you realise when it comes to managing pain. If you eat junk food everyday, the chances are you’re only going to suffer more. A well balanced diet will work wonders for you. If you’re getting older this is a little more applicable, but it does apply to people of all ages if they’re suffering, Fill your diet with leafy greens and lean meats. They contain all the vitamin and minerals you need to support healthy bodily functions, in particular, the condition of your bones in terms of strength and growth. If you’re suffering with arthritis, what you eat can mean the difference between a bad day and a good day. So try and cut down on artificial sugars and junk food as much as possible. You should also add in some extra supplements to make sure you’re definitely getting what you need. Omega 3 and vitamin D should be at the top of your shopping list.

Accept Help

We live in a generation where people either go to the doctors for absolutely anything, or they wait until they’re on death’s door to make a visit. Both are as bad as eachother, but the latter can make things really dangerous for you. As soon as an ache or pain continues for longer than two weeks you should take a trip to the doctors. The older generation in particular are prone to weakened hips and knees, mainly due to aging, arthritis, or just general wear and tear. If you fall under this category you’ll most likely be sent to a consultant knee surgeon for their opinion on the situation. But no matter what the pain is, the doctor you see will always do some observations and send you for the relevant treatment. If you’ve had chest pains for two weeks you’ll most definitely be sent for an on the day x-ray, if it’s a random ankle pain they’ll probably assume it’s a strain and prescribe anti inflammatories and rest, which bring us onto our next point.



You need to give your body time to heal if you want to recover quicker. If the doctor says take a week off work, then you take a week off work. Would you rather be in pain for longer when you could be fixed sooner? Even if you haven’t been to the doctors yet you should know when to give your body the break it needs. Don’t partake in any strenuous activity until whatever ache or pain was affecting you is completely gone.

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