Why are most people afraid to confront their feelings? Even the very mention of the word “love” can send some of us running in the opposite direction. 

Why is love so scary when it can be one of the most beautiful things a human being can experience? Because it involves opening up your heart and letting someone into a sacred part of yourself. This can put you in a vulnerable place and when that happens, you may not feel in control of your emotions or even your life. This can be frightening to most people. And, of course the biggest risk can be to experience a broken heart.

Oftentimes, people can be very adept at hiding their feelings from others. Especially when it comes to love. People can be afraid to tell someone special in their lives how they truly feel simply for fear of rejection. Along with that, there can other factors involved in hiding one’s feelings. They may be feeling insecure about themselves and their current lives. Insecurities can get the best of us and sadly it can roadblock many relationships simply because we do not believe in ourselves. It could also mean we do not think we are worthy of love.

Accepting yourself as you are and the other person as they are, can be the only way to get past this. This is easier said than done simply because people have expectations of what a relationship should be and oftentimes become disappointed if their expectations are not met. And, of course, many times people have trouble giving their heart up completely to someone because it has been broken before and they remain guarded. They are afraid of experiencing and living through the brutal pain of another heartbreak. But in the end, love is always worth fighting for.

People may not tell you how they feel but they will always show you. It may be a lingering glance or the faintest touch, or even the way they give you a sip of their drink. These are all subtle signs of love and affection. Pay attention to the signs. Don’t let love get lost in translation. Maybe the words will come later, maybe not.

The only way one can truly experience life fully it to live in the moment and feel everything, good and bad, happy and sad. This is how we know we are truly alive and present in every moment. Some of it can be painful, but it is just a reminder that you are breathing and your heart is serving its purpose in life, to feel and express love. As, the famous poet Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” How right he was.

And if you love someone…why not let them know whichever way you can. You may not get another chance again.

Love Gets Lost in Translation – Why most people are afraid to feel - n.r. hart

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