One of the hallmarks of a successful business is an ability to look at the bigger picture, and make sacrifices accordingly. For any startup company, sacrifices are part of the furniture, whether to cut cost or save face.

And, while outsourcing is the number one approach to cutting costs, you might not have considered the most effective areas to outsource. Having workers offsite does help save you money, but if you are looking for the areas you should be outsourcing, here are some suggestions.


The administration and scheduling tasks are little problems that can eat up a whole part of your business if you’re not careful. By outsourcing the data entry processes, transcription services, and general upkeep as far as spreadsheets are concerned, this gives you a much more streamlined focus. There are sites that can provide various administrative tasks in specialist areas, provides transcriptions for the medical industry, giving the medical professionals more focus on what really matters, the patient.

If your startup doesn’t have enough money to begin automating these basic functions, outsourcing to a company that can do these tasks for you is common sense. When you are looking at outsourcing administration processes, the finances can cripple you somewhat. This is why sites like prove to be invaluable for startup companies. Hiring a virtual assistant to complete specific tasks, but also act as the frontline of your business when somebody calls up, it can help give your business a leg up in terms of its image.



Bookkeeping might be something you’d consider keeping in-house, but when it comes to the handling of finances, you could very easily make mistakes which will come back to bite you later on. If you are trying to do everything at once, this is a bad sign with regards to your accounts and your financial affairs. It’s much better to outsource bookkeeping to an experienced professional in this arena, because they will know exactly what to do to cook your books.



The payroll regulations and laws are confusing to say the least. If you are trying to pay your workers on time, and you are struggling under the weight of your work, you need to outsource this so you don’t make any survey mistakes and get a fine from the IRS. Companies like Intuit are one of many accountancy firms that you can outsource your payroll to, which gives you more time to focus on your business, but also, so you won’t make costly mistakes.


There are many other things you can outsource, but the question you need to ask yourself is, what are you really bad at in the business? Outsourcing your weaknesses to an experienced company or contractor is common sense, and is a perfect way for any small business to get ahead. While you are finding your feet and learning how to run a business, there are considerable problems that can arise when you don’t know what you’re doing. So rather than wading through treacle, outsource the processes you have no idea about, and reap the benefits.

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