Health is directly linked to our emotions. The better we feel physically, the more happy we are and the more likely we are to take on life’s challenges in our stride. The worse we feel physically, the more depressed we get and don’t feel like we want to do anything that is remotely difficult. We fail to acknowledge this link in our modern culture sometimes.

Life is so fast that if your health is not perfect, your work and personal life balance can easily be disturbed. We need to learn as individuals to be less embarrassed about our health problems. Firstly, no one is perfect and we all have our own issues. Someone sitting beside you on the bus might look absolutely fine, but you never know what kind of condition they might be dealing with.

If anything the internet has taught us that help is but a few clicks away. Now more than ever normal people are sharing stories about their health and what has helped them. If these people online can confidently share this about themselves, you shouldn’t be shy about your own health problems.


Closer than you know

Do you have a condition that is very embarrassing for you? It could be something to do with your mental health or perhaps your private parts. It’s tough to open up about this with anyone other than a doctor or healthcare professional of some sort. However, people suffering from the same thing are closer than you know. Online health forums are full of people who share their own experiences and current ongoing issues. Whatever kind of condition you have, you can find a forum for it. The trouble is finding the best kinds of websites where the appropriate information and conversation can be shared.

WebMD is one of the best places to go and share your concerns. Not only can you talk to a specialist and general doctor, you can also contact other people with the same condition. Maybe there is a treatment you haven’t been introduced yet, or it could be that a particular kind of medicine is not as effective as another one could be. With the attitude of learning in mind, online forums can be a great source of knowledge and gets you past your shyness since you can always remain anonymous.

Specialists already know

A specialist in his or her area of healthcare will have heard it all before and seen it all before. Anything that you have in the way of a medical condition, they will have dealt with it already. For example if you are becoming hard of hearing, a hearing specialist will perform many tests on you to see what the cause could be. They are also empathetic too because they know that the thought of losing your hearing, having tinnitus or ear wax issues is scary.

No one wants to be losing their hearing and slowly becoming more reliant on other people or perhaps having to wear a hearing aid. With their expertise and support, they can lay out the future for you regarding your health and be respectful of your doubts and fears.

After all specialists study their field so intensely, they have come across all different kinds of people with different personalities. That’s what we look for in a healthcare professional when we are very sick and embarrassed, just some humility. We want to talk to someone who will inherently be dignified and treat us with some common courtesy.

Write it down

Certain health conditions can give us a lot of anxiety. It’s common to feel this way when you are growing up and in an environment of peer pressure. You might also be nervous that your partner might not find you attractive anymore if you were to tell them about it. Writing down the core issues you face and the emotional impact they have will help to clear your mind. If you are finding it hard to open up to someone honestly, then writing it down and giving them the description of what you face could break the ice. Give this text to your doctor or to your partner and allow them to read and digest it, this could help you get over the fear of their reaction towards you.

Don’t ever be shy about your health problems. Nobody is perfect, we all have some kind of issue. Nobody is ironman, our bodies are frail and go through many difficulties and changes in our lifetime. Speak to a specialist if you can, as they have seen just about everything and are much more likely to make you feel at ease about your condition also.

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