Cars accidents are incredibly costly and you could end up paying out for years. Your rights to drive and license could be taken away, so it’s advisable you stay up to speed with the law. If you’ve had points on your license for any reason, it can be problematic for you in the future.  Y

our car insurance company won’t be able to offer you the same rates you started with, even you try to go for auto-renewal. In fact, you’re looking at about a three year period before your rates might go down. The best thing to do is to avoid this situation in the first place.

Minimize all distractions

Always keep your eyes on the road. To be a defensive driver you must look up at the road in front of you. Don’t neglect blindspots or road signs. Put your phone away and avoid eating or talking, and don’t listen to loud music. Driving tired or angry can also be very dangerous. Don’t succumb to road rage. Road rage statistics show that this leads to accidents and physical confrontation. Try thinking about something else, or simply yell to yourself, not the other drivers. 

Slow down

Slow down at intersections, however tempting it may be speed through and catch that green light. Drivers running red lights are the most common causes of auto-claims on insurance, so it’s not worth those few seconds. The implementation of stricter laws and speed cameras has meant a reduction in accidents caused by speeding since 2018. 

What to do if you have an accident?

If the unfortunate does happen, there are some things you can do. The most important thing is to keep you and other drivers safe by putting your hazard lights on and setting off flares if necessary. Inform yourself immediately. Call the police and your insurance company and report the accident in detail. Find out your rights by contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer, you might well be entitled to compensation. 

Advances in technology

Thankfully, new advances in technology mean that there has never been a safer time to be on the road. Plenty of newer vehicles have collision avoidance systems and automatic breaks. These are based on a system of sensors that can detect another object getting to close and then alert the driver. Automatic breaks will stop the vehicle if there is a problem with the ignition or it won’t stop any other reason. Many cars also have systems that will warn the driver if they start to meander out of the right lane. Traction control helps to keep the tires steady so if they start to slip there is sufficient grip for the driver to maintain control. 


These are preventative measures to keep you safe, but this doesn’t mean that accidents never happen. There’s one thing that technology can’t control and that’s the behavior of the driver. This is the responsibility of everybody on the road. The important thing to remember is to protect yourself, your vehicle, and your rights. 


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