Stress is a terrible thing and it can cause many health issues and problems for us mentally. One of the most common health issues that can be caused by stress is a migraine, and this can be an often debilitating problem that leaves us unable to do anything. 

Migraines can be severe and painful, and they occur when the muscles in your head contract and cramp. This can be caused by stress in your life or to the eyes and will leave you feeling uncomfortable and often in pain for a period of time, even a whole day. It is important to take care of yourself during this time and today we want to share some of the remedies you can try when a migraine hits. 

Close your eyes 

The first thing you should do when a migraine strikes, is trying to close your eyes and focus on relaxing the muscles in your head. Close your eyes and start to pay attention to your breathing. After a moment take some guided deep breathes and start releasing tension in the body. This won’t solve your migraine immediately but it will go some way to relieving the pain.

Dim the lights 

One important thing to do when you get a migraine is turning down any bright lights you might have in the home and also consider turning down the volume on your tv or even switch it off completely. It is so important that you consider getting rid of any visual or audible stimuli that might cause tension in the head. 

Use painkillers 

One simple way to treat a migraine and get to the root of the problem right away is to use painkillers. Something such as overnight tramadol can be helpful when you have a severe migraine and it will be fast-acting to allow you to sit back and relax. Relieve the stress in your body and go to sleep for a few hours and you should be ok by the time you wake up. 

Massage your head 

It is so important when you have a migraine to massage your head and improve blood flow to your whole head. When there is tension in the muscles of your head causing a migraine or often cuts off blood flow and causes pain. You can rectify this by massaging your head gently in small circles to relieve the tension and encourage that blood flow. 

Use a cold compress 

When you have a headache that is so severe it hurts, it is a great idea for you to use a cold compress to cool the area and relieve pain. A cold compress will not only feel refreshing but it will make the world of difference to your headache and allow you to hopefully carry on with your day. 

Use some of these simple tips to help kill a migraine when it starts today, and allow yourself to carry on with your day as normal without this pain weighing you down. 

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