We must remember to show compassion to one another when words fail, and to have patience with each other when insecurities prevail…

Women, generally speaking, are emotional creatures by nature. Some deem empathy a curse, others a powerful gift. Nevertheless, we feel every sentiment as deeply as we feel every chastising word… down to our very core. Each blow endured by the broken-hearted forged the piecemeal armor that now adorns our delicate skin. Yet a kind word and gentle touch from a kindred soul has the power to throw all inhibition out the window. We are but living, breathing, paradoxes…one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

We often guard ourselves so relentlessly that we actually block the greatest gift of all…LOVE. We build walls so high that even the most skilled climbers come crashing down before reaching the summit. Sometimes, we become so bitter that we conclude an opinion about men in general, forming the very stereotypes we, ourselves, oppose. But, there are also those who are brave enough to give love another chance. The ones who never turn their backs on love because we know in our hearts that there are still good people in this world. Though we are not without flaws either.

Women like us have the ability to conceal emotions as if we’ve never known heartache at all.  But often times, things occur that remind us of the pain we’ve buried within our bones. Those suppressed memories then float up to the surface where we relive them all over again causing us to compare, to remember, to feel the very things we’ve avoided. Unfortunately, it may also cause us to inadvertently hold the person we love accountable for someone else’s mistakes. This is an extremely unjust situation!  (It is also why self-healing is vital to our growth!)

We sometimes tend to forget that men too, can be emotional and vulnerable. They carry sorrow like heavy baggage, much the same as we do. Although they are often better at keeping their feelings at bay, we need to remind ourselves that they too have experienced heartbreak, betrayal and loss. We must remember to show compassion to one another when words fail, and to have patience with each other when insecurities prevail. You see, we’ve all been devastated at some point. That is why it is imperative to heal and to love ourselves so that we may lead those who love us by example. Unchain your heart from the shackles of past trauma. Elevate one another and give your love a chance to blossom into something beautiful.

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