Her is an incredible collection of poems that stem from insightful observations of women and the importance of appreciating them for their complexity and beauty.

“She wasn’t created for everybody, her heart wasn’t made for everyone. Her love won’t be enough for just any man.”

This is one of my favorites as Jeanty describes how a woman’s heart is so immense and special that it will only feel comfortable with a man who understands her and appreciates everything she has to offer.

The next poem ties wonderfully in with this theme, as it reads:

“You are more than worthy of love. However, you will never be worthy enough to someone who isn’t worthy of your love.”

We often try to give our hearts away to people who can’t appreciate how special that truly is. I love how the author writes about this common source of heartbreak and how it, in no way, lessens our worth or says anything about who we are.

Along with love and self-worth, Jeanty also writes about heartbreak, longing, growth, and beauty that transcends the physical.

“It’s not her shape, her face, or her hair that makes her beautiful. Neither is it the smoothness of her skin, the boldness when she stands or the perseverance of her heart. But the condition of her heart, the gratitude she lives by and her love for God.”

I love how Jeanty often writes about appreciation and beauty of a person’s soul. Traits such as gratitude, compassion, and big-hearted kindness are admired by the writer throughout this book, showing that true beauty goes so much deeper than the physical.

“She is more than a good woman and a good person. She is a beautiful soul who carries light in her smile and love in her bones.”

The author encourages women to love deeply and passionately, in their relationships and in their every-day lives. You can tell through his words that he admires big hearts, even though he knows that women who love so hard can often get hurt as well.

But, with that comes a certain responsibility to oneself when going out in search of love. The author writes of the importance of never settling in love. He writes about how it’s not too much to ask for to find someone whose efforts match yours and who follows through on his promises.

Her is a tribute to every woman who is on a journey of love and self-love. It is for every woman who needs to be reminded of her strength and her worth. It is for every woman who has a past that still haunts her sometimes. Jeanty’s work is a beautiful collection of poems that honor every woman who has lost her sense of self along the way or who is unsure that a real love is out there for her.

His words inspire the readers to wait for the right love: a love that cherishes the heart and the soul. A love that doesn’t look to erase the heartbreak of the past but accepts that as a part of her story and works on creating a new chapter with her. A love that doesn’t attempt to change her, that takes her as she is, and that gives her the strength to be the person she knows she is capable of.

Filled with romance and inspiration, Her is an enjoyable reading experience that will fill your heart with warmth and rekindle that fire in your spirit that circumstances may have dimmed. It is a book that looks to honor each and every woman while reminding them of the fundamental truth that they are loved, they are beautiful, and they are worthy.




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