Feeling like you aren’t making the most of things at the minute? Well, if so, there is one thing that could help you turn things around and really improve your life – and that’s your blog! Does it sound strange that a blog could save your life? Perhaps, but there are ways your online presence can really help you make a difference to, not just your life, but other people’s around you.

Still not convinced? Here’s how to blog your way to a better life.

It Gives You An Outlet For Your Thoughts And Feelings

If you are going through a hard time and don’t really have anyone to talk to, your blog can provide you with a very useful outlet. Lots of bloggers find it really cathartic to write down all their thoughts and feelings in a post and then publish it to the world. Don’t fret if you are scared to unleash your emotions out into the world – this can be very scary at first! But you should still consider writing them down and posting them in a private post. This won’t be seen by anyone other than you.

You Can Offer Advice To Others

Your blog doesn’t just have to help you. You can also use this public outlet to give advice to other people. Just like I am doing in this post to you! There are various ways you can go about this. You might want to write helpful posts explain to your readers how they can achieve things or overcome some very difficult situations. Alternatively, you might want to start an agony aunt-style weekly or monthly column in which you answer questions sent in by your readers.

Turn Your Blog Into A Business

Did you know that there are ways you can monetize your blog? For starters, you could just try your hand at some affiliate marketing. This is when you add sponsored links to your posts. If someone clicks on a link and then buys something from the linked site, you will get a small commission. It’s a good idea to chat with advertising firms like Auburn Advertising for some advice. Once your blog has a dedicated readership, you might even want to team up with a local company as a brand ambassador. Again, it’s worth speaking to an advertising firm as they can offer you guidance to help you take your blog further. That being said, there is a multitude of useful online resources out there too that can help you to write engaging and interactive content that drives traffic. Looking for new ways to boost your blog? Check out this backlinks guide to learn how incorporating backlinks into your posts can revitalise your writing. When it comes to improving how your business turns up in searches, links from other websites that point back to your own site and vice versa can make a huge difference.


You Can Meet Inspiring People

There is a huge community of bloggers out there, many of whom become firm friends. It’s really worth tapping into this community so that you can find friendship, support, and inspiration. Even if you don’t meet these fellow bloggers in person, they can still be great pillars of support. It’s worth being active on social media and following other bloggers to try and become a part of this wider community.


If you ever feel like you are in a rut with your life, it’s really worth setting up a blog. You never know what kind of adventure it will take you on!

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Brittany is a blogger who loves to do stories on people who make a difference in the world. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2010 in Sociology and currently works part time as a Social Worker.

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