If you want something substantial in our life, if we want significance, we have to stop listening to the sub-standard version of ourselves. 

I was speaking with a dear friend the other day who was frustrated at her job and the lack of respect and recognition she was getting. She shared her stories of frustration, she shared her pain and she shared her dislike for the job.

And when I thought we were close to a resolution to commit to chasing a new job, out came those famous words.

“I guess it’s better the devil you know”
“What! Are you serious?” I questioned.
“I could leave my job and find myself in a worse one” she reasoned.
I struggled with this. Desperately unhappy in a job that isn’t working out, yet too paralysed to move for fear of finding worse. Wow!

Here’s the thing. You could also find immensely better.

But once you settle for the “better the devil you know line” the reality is, you will not find better. Simply because you won’t move, you have settled for something sub-standard and believing the lies you are telling yourself.

It’s like the person wanting to start and exercise and healthy exercise regime. They tell themselves things like:
“Just one won’t hurt”
“It’s ok, I’ll start tomorrow”
“I will exercise later”
Do you hear yourself when planning a new adventure or goal?
“Why, would you want to do that for?”
“That won’t work”
Why do we listen to ourselves? Why do we allow our negative thoughts, our lies and excuses to run our lives? Why do we allow this?

If you want something substantial in our life, if we want significance, we have to stop listening to the sub-standard version of ourselves.

Partly it’s because of our conditioning. Our parents tried to keep us safe from an early age and their well-meaning words sit deeply within us. The high school choice of maths and sciences chosen over the creative arts was due to a “better safe than sorry” approach from our parents, wanting us to have a secure path to known jobs and careers. The road well-travelled was the one they wanted us to take, a road of secure employment and longed for holidays.

The other reason we listen, is due to us. Our brain is designed to keep us safe, and has no problems telling you lies to achieve its outcome. But by listening to its lies you won’t achieve your outcomes.

Isn’t it time to take charge? Isn’t time you stopped listening to your lies and excuses buried under the disguise of “good intentions”. Next time you hear yourself, trotting out the same old lines, the same old excuses, STOP yourself, CHALLENGE yourself and look for the better way. When you look for the better way and bury those excuses, action inevitably follows and when action follows, something MOVES. Usually you, Usually you taking a positive step forward.

How would your life be better if you could change the voice you listen to, to the one that wants to see you become your greatest self? Listen to the YOU standing on the shoulders of your greatness, not the YOU trying to pull you down.

You can do this.

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