There are certain people, times or events in our lives when we are forced to break out of our shells, thrust into chaos and left with no option but to venture into the unknown. These are times of change.

As an introvert myself, change is even more difficult. Meeting and interacting with new people used to be a nightmare. Having to do new things is still a cause of great anxiety. But slowly I am learning to adapt. I think it’s basic human nature to survive and thus adapt but the transition is often slow and riddled with insecurities. The thing about change is this-it doesn’t happen when we are ready for it. It catches us off guard, pulling the ground from below our feet and it is up to us whether to get back up or lay there defeated. It is in this vulnerable state that we decide whether we turn into a success story or a warning sign.

Change comes differently  for different people but the one thing we should remember through it is to believe in oneself. Often when change is thrust upon us, we understandably get flustered and that is alright but, in no way should we allow it to affect our self confidence.  One of the most harmful things you can do is not believing in yourself.

Change though painful and/or uncomfortable is essential for our growth. They day we embrace change and work with it instead of against it is the day we progress. This acceptance is pivotal for mental and physical  well-being. So the next time you experience change(s) just believe in yourself and go with the flow.

My favourite quote on change is by Robin Sharma, “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

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