Do you wonder how so many gym bunnies are able to get on with their workouts without paying any thought to the everyone around them? How do they manage to feel so confident when they hit the treadmill or lift weights?! Maybe you aren’t even able to make it to the gym to notice all of this bravado.

Lots of people feel extremely self conscious when they go to the gym, and it’s something that could be holding them back in their workouts. They might not feel like pushing themselves too far or else they’ll end up sweaty and could make some embarrassing expressions! In some cases, some people are so self conscious while working out that they don’t even bother in the first place.

Does this sound like you? Here are some ways you can win the battle against self consciousness in the gym!


Go With A Plan

One of the main causes of self consciousness is not knowing what to do or not really understanding how to use the machines. So, it’s always best to turn up with a clear plan in your head. Reading best total gym reviews will help you figure out which machines are best for you to use, especially if you are using some at home. It’s also a good idea to ask the gym’s trainers for tips and advice on how to use each machine. You then don’t have to worry about looking funny by using a machine incorrectly!


No One’s Watching

Another reason why people get nervous in gyms is because they think that everyone else is watching and judging them. But this is very rarely the case. Everyone else is too focused on their own workouts to have time to watch you! By the time you get into your own workout, you will be way too focused on yourself and will forget about everyone else anyway!



Everyone Starts As A Beginner

It’s also important to remember that everyone has to start as a beginner at one point. Even the really ripped gym goers who seem to be in their all the time! So, everyone will understand how you are feeling as a gym newbie, and they won’t be too quick to judge you. After all, they’ve all been in your position before and will know all too well just how easy it is to feel self conscious!


Listen To Music

You might want to try and distract yourself with some music. Even though most gyms play background music, you can also listen to your own using headphones if you want. Create a gym playlist that you will be able to get lost in. You’ll end up so wrapped up in the beats and lyrics that you will forget about everyone else who’s working out around you!


It’s understandable that quite a few people end up self conscious at the gym. But, hopefully, all of the tips in this blog post can help you get over these negative feelings, so that you can easily get stuck into your workouts!


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