December 6th was a wonderful night of art, inspiration, and the expression of the human experience at the Lilac Gallery in NYC. The event, attended by art aficionados and entertainment icons, was to kick off an exhibition of new works by Michael Ricigliano, “Motivational Expressionism”.

Michael Ricigliano

Already receiving high praise by numerous outlets, the exhibition features a dynamic collection of abstract expressionistic paintings exploring storytelling on unique surfaces such as ceramic and marble, paired with inspirational quotes of bestselling author and behaviorist, Steve Maraboli.

Castelluccio, Ricigliano, Maraboli

Curated by Federico Castelluccio, a Master Artist and Actor (The Sopranos), the exhibition will be presented from December 6th to December 31 2017 at Lilac Gallery New York (144 5th Ave #31, New York, NY 10011).

Michael Ricigliano is an artist, writer, film producer who also practices Law in Long Island, New York.

Steve Maraboli

Steve Maraboli is a decorated military veteran, New York native, and Behaviorist whose words have permeated into social culture with books, memes, and videos that have reached millions.


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