Stress can hit us at any moment. It doesn’t care that you have a lot on at work, to be honest, that might be the reason that you feel stressed. It doesn’t matter if you have things to do, places to be, people to see, again all the main reasons to be feeling a little tight around the collar. Stress isn’t pleasant, but there are some common symptoms and solutions to resolve it once and for all. Some are highlighted below.

Feeling fatigued?

Are you feeling tired? Angry, upset, and tired are all signs of fatigue and that is a real common symptom of stress. The reason why you feel tired because of stress is often because you may find that the worry you are feeling is affecting your sleep. Perhaps causing you to wake in the evening or struggle to drift off at night.

The best resolve is to try and focus on getting more sleep and tackling the issue that is causing you to feel down in the first place. Sleep is very important, so making sure you give yourself the best possible chance of a good night’s sleep is the best action to take. No caffeine or alcohol before bed, relaxing and avoiding using technology or looking at screens are also helpful tips that could help. 

Blood pressure high?

If your blood pressure is rising, this can often be down to the fact that you are feeling stressed and anxious. Blood pressure is not something that you can physically see, but actually, there are some common symptoms that your are struggling with it. Severe headaches and vision problems. Chest pain and difficulty breathing may mean that your blood pressure is high. 

Negative mindset?

Did you know that feeling stressed can often be caused or cause itself a negative mindset. This is when your thoughts are more negative than positive in terms of what you think and your outlook in life. It can be quite tough to break the habit of negativity, but in truth a habit is all that it is.  You can help to relieve the feelings of stress that may bring your mindset down by engaging with relaxing activities or using relaxing products. A simple head massager can work wonders. So can the best CBD oil. Try different things out until you find something that works for you!

It can take 21 days to develop new habits, so at first positive thinking may feel more forced. But sticking with it could dramatically improve how you think about life and ultimately handle what is causing you to feel this way in the first place. You could also look into holistic therapies to help, such as acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy or massage. These things could help to alleviate stress as well as heals clear a negative mindset. 

Heart rate increased?

Finally, feeling stressed may cause other physical symptoms such as a raised heart rate. You may notice that your heartbeat has increased, especially when faced with what is causing you to feel stressed in the first place. If you notice an increased heart rate you need to try and focus on slowing it down. This might have much to do with what you are thinking and the emotions you are feeling as well as the physical aspect of a raised heart rate. Slow things down and you will find that there will be some improvement. 

Let’s hope that some of these common symptoms and solutions of stress help you handle it in the future. 

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