Dear former me,
I am sorry for all the hard lessons, and ignorance you had to endure. Our heart has taken some pretty tough head-on collisions. But the dents and calluses were all part of growing up. For every person that never made the cut, they were simply there to teach what Would wouldn’t need in our life.
We have struggled, fallen, and always gotten back up. We continue to cry tears no one else understands. But we are stronger than ever before. We have this passion we turned into a purpose, timid no more. We have found our strength and power in our voice. We embrace the simple things with genuine gratefulness, and we’re not concerned with filling a room with an audience. It’s all about quality over quantity now.
We found the love of our life-it’s amazing what things come to pass when you let go and let God do his work. His plan try is greater than any plan you can come up with on our own. Now, that we have merged or purple and passion in just a little over two years, we see that having cerebral palsy is having our own unique sense of strength because of it. We have come into own voice; our own set of wings to fly with. We hesitate less and take changes more.
Dear former me, this may sound rude, but I am glad we aren’t who we used to be. We were imitating a lion’s roar because we didn’t have the desire at the time to grow into our stripes at the time. It’s amazing what or in our case who happens to push us from the corner onto center stage. But that all change these last few years. We found our purpose and passion all in one simple choice to start a blog.
And now that simple choice has grown so much. That we are now preparing to start the next chapter of this journey with a podcast of our very own! Called, The Many Faces Of The Abled. Via, The Anchor App. We have really found our own way, and continue to grow, and risk, taking changes more. And I can honestly, say that when I reminisce about who we used to be. I am so glad that isn’t who eventually became. No matter how many times we have gotten knocked down, or counted out by someone we always get back up. Perseverance is our kryptonite, our superpower in a sense.
To my former self, thanks for the memories. I won’t lie and say I’ll miss you. Because I definitely do not.
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