As strange as it sounds, change scares me more NOW as an almost 20 year old then it did as a child. As children we would change ALL the time. Our bodies would change, our personalities would change our behaviour would change, how we understood things changed all as we grew older. Although we probably knew it was happening our brains weren’t quite developed enough for what was going on to register in our minds. Now as an almost 20 year old I know completely what’s going on and it scares the life out of me.


As a young’ne, change went over our heads like water over rocks. As we grow older we learn more and more about what effects change has and what we have to take into account when making changes. Even change as small as cleaning up your room is completely different when you’re a child vs when you’re an adult.


As a child when you were told to clean your room, you (or at least me personally) would get it done as fast as humanly possible for whatever reward you were offered or to keep what was going to be taken away from you if you didn’t. I don’t know how it happens but children have an uncanny ability to shove everything in anywhere when it came to cleaning as fast as possible. As an adult you can’t just shove things into cupboards because you won’t find anything. You have to neatly fold clothes and put things where they belong.


What makes change even more scary is that as a master procrastinator I don’t always make change when I’m supposed to. I’m currently facing issues in relation to school and not having a job because I didn’t make the right changes when I meant to. Because I didn’t put in the effort when I was supposed to and it took me a long time to realise the consequences I have found myself in deep self dug hole. All of this now means that I have to make more change to get where I would have been if I had made the initial change in the first place. 


Lesson learned; make change and get things done, because if you don’t you will likely end up regretting it for one reason or another.

A 20 Year Old vs Change

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