Distractions derail. We live in a world of constant distraction. As a race, we find it increasingly hard to shut off. Research tells us our smart phone is often the last thing we use prior to going to sleep, and often the first thing we touch on waking.

And, in our moments of quiet, we are more likely to reach for that same smartphone.

Whereas once we used those times to reach inside us and embrace stillness. Allowing ourselves to be alone with our thoughts, and senses, our stillness. It’s different now.

We have become addicted to distraction.

We can’t even walk down the street without being glued to our smartphone screen. Even a visit to the toilet usually is not the solitary destination it used to be. Recently travelling, the amount of people who take calls on the toilet is horrifying. Heaven forbid. Nothing appears to be sacred anymore.

Boredom sets in quicker and quicker. Our need to be entertained, working or simply distracted appears to be unquenched. Entertained by mindless activity, mindless scrolling of our social media feeds.

What an incredible shame the days of accepting stillness appear to be almost over. Our minds are constantly firing, bringing sleepless nights, overtired days and constant connection. Scrolling through our social media feed, a mindless activity, we now do while watching TV, having dinner, being with friends. That constant buzz of a notification, the ding of a message feeds the addiction and we are seldom unconnected.

The beauty of stillness and silence is it allows us to reach within ourselves, without distraction. It helps centre us, it helps bring the inner person to the centre and helps us become whole. It allows us to be alone, and embrace true reflection.

Whether that is in silent spiritual prayer, in in mindful meditation or simple staring out to sea or over the countryside, the ability to celebrate stillness and silence helps us become the person we are designed to be.

It helps us see the beauty and clarity of our own thoughts, and for that time we become timeless. The beauty of us within comes into focus and we allow ourselves to be our inner champion. How good is that?

Staying conscious of the beauty that surrounds us is another opportunity. Each moment we view happens just in that moment. The waves crashing, the water flowing, the birds flying, the wind rustling the leaves, each moment is significant by itself and won’t happen again. Each moment is viewed for the first and only time, how can we ever get jaded by that?

But we do. In a world of extremism, marketing and fluffy cat videos, the solitude and beauty of stillness appears to be a spent currency. Each moment exists in itself. We have just forgotten how to embrace it.

Celebrating silence and stillness allows us to feel the significance of ourselves and the world around. Being alone with yourself and to see things clearly for the first time, is a true gift that you can give yourself. Those that have a system of stillness, are centered to face the world that evolves faster with every day. People who can celebrate stillness and silence are never alone. Additionally, they are never lonely, as they have that capacity to be at one with themselves.

Our distracted digital world is here to stay, so the question is more of, how we can truly embrace the beauty that is the stillness and the silence?

Think about dis-connecting from our digital world. Turn off, turn on silence and vibration and take some time for yourself. Embrace the morning, watch the sun come up as often as you can, and enjoy the colours of the sunset. Take the time to see something for the first time or to challenge yourself to see something new from something routine.

Give thanks every morning and share quiet reflection every night. The important thing, take time to turn off and look inward.

Take time to celebrate stillness and silence.


Tony Curl - Addicted to Distraction



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