Living near to the city gives those with mobility difficulties a better chance of enjoying everything that life has to offer. But all too often, those that suffer from aches and pains or limited movement miss out on life’s most simple pleasures, like gardening. Choosing properties on the ground floor usually offers you a small amount of garden, but chances are it has been turned to gravel or patio.

Creating an accessible garden that offers you the opportunities to grow plants and tend to flowers is possible. What you need is a good plan, a reasonable budget, and the right people to help get it started. No gardener has to do it all on their own. If you’re thinking of moving to a property, but the size of the garden is worrying you, don’t be put off. Having lush outdoor space is good for your health, and you should be able to enjoy it.

Start by finding a landscaper who has completed gardens that you admire. Many gardeners hire landscapers to take on the heavy work when they want a big change in their outside spaces. Even if you’re just after some design ideas, it’s worth talking to a pro that can guide you in the right direction. What you’re looking for is a garden that is accessible and easy to maintain for you.

Paving and paths are a must, especially if you use any mobility aids. Don’t restrict yourself to straight lines and squares though. Sculpt your garden from the ground up to offer meandering curves and paths to different areas. You can find out from how to start designing this. A hard standing or patio is essential for dining and entertaining. Don’t be put off by a lawn though. They can be tended to by professional gardeners, robot lawn mowers, or a lightweight strimmer if necessary.

Once your design is drawn up, it’s time to find the plants and shrubs that you want. Aim for an all-year-round view from your living room as well as your outdoor seating areas. Planting in containers and pots spares you a lot of back-breaking work going forward as well. Use tiered or shelf planting, raised beds, and hangers. This also breaks down the jobs you’ll need to do to maintain them into small, bite-sized chunks.

If you think it might take you longer to undertake your gardening chores, then make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Wear a belt so you can carry a hiking bottle of water with you at all times. Place foldable chairs at strategic points near to each space you’re working in. Always wear a hat and use sunscreen. You can carry your gardening tools in a toolbox or fabric tool bag. Even small containers can be heavy when filled with soil. Work close to where you want them positioned.

Gardening should be a hobby that everyone can enjoy. Don’t deny yourself a beautiful view and pleasant outdoor space. It’s always worth the investment and a little bit of work.

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