“I think it’s time for them to see, the masterpiece of a woman I write myself to be. – for she is artwork and glory.”

This piece prefaces the collection, and it is the perfect introduction to the work as a whole. The collection feels very much like a tribute to women everywhere, embracing the things that make us who we are. It is a collection of empowerment and appreciation.

It explores all of the various elements within us that are also found in nature: dark and light, rising and falling, and the different cycles of full and half-full such as with the moon’s phases. The author explores a myriad of concepts with soothing syntax and spirituality sprinkled throughout the collection.

“I’ve mastered the language of storms and seas. I hear them softly rage inside of me.”

This is an early favorite of mine, as I think it is such an accurate description of how conflicted and chaotic our minds can be. We can be the picture of tranquility on the outside as we battle internal turmoil.

Another unique trait of this collection is that it incorporates pictures of song titles as though you are shuffling through them on your Ipod. It is a chance for the reader to delve further into the tone of the previous poem while also finding healing in another form of art: music. I thought this was a really neat idea that I had never seen before in a poetry collection.

“She fell flawlessly and gracefully into the shattered pieces of her own self.”

This piece was so beautiful and such a profound way of looking at the pain that threatens to break us. The author incorporates several themes throughout the collection such as moonlight, roses, wolves, and starlight. This use of imagery works really well with her underlying message of growth, beauty, and perseverance. The author writes a lot about strength, but also about loneliness and pain. It is an honest depiction of the spectrum of emotions we all experience.

“I may be a half moon tonight, but in a hand full of days, I’ll be full.”

This piece was so beautiful in its use of the moon’s cycles to describe emotion and strength. The half moon metaphor was such an eloquent way to describe how we often can feel unfulfilled or unfinished. However, the poem embraces the natural cycle of things and the author expresses hope and confidence  that things will get better. This is such a profound parallel to make to our every-day lives as it gives a nod to how things are constantly cycling in nature. It leaves the reader with the hope that things will improve, as our lives naturally ebb and flow just like in nature.

“I am grateful for my rise and for my fall. It taught me that everything powerful goes through this process to deserve it all.”

The underlying tone of this collection is appreciation and grace. Appreciation in that every person is a piece of art, whether they have been broken or not. And, the “glory” section helps describe embracing who you are with confidence and grace. The author also writes about her heritage throughout the collection which gives the book a personal touch that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This poetry collection is a charming and beautiful read, that will make you feel the strength that comes from darkness and the hope that we can be our own star-light, our own moon. The author’s words are soothing and also honest as she travels through different topics and emotions throughout the collection.

“She is artwork and glory” was a beautiful appreciation of women everywhere. Be sure to check out this promising poet on her social media pages, and go purchase your copy of her poetry collection to experience “She is artwork and glory” for yourself.


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