Gaining a new lease on life is something that we all often wish for, but find it hard to enact. Getting too involved in the routine of your life can make it feel stagnant and repetitive, something which can lead to depression, or odd behaviors as you try and break the cycle. If you have a cycle of addiction or alcoholism, you may never feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

While this guide won’t serve as an express guide to getting off those harmful substances, the following advice can help anyone feeling a lethargic and give them the correct and proper space and structure to grow towards a life they truly want:



How do you spend your leisure time? Do you find yourself sitting in front of the television, watching trash television shows thanks to their comfort and easy viewing? Do you play repetitive online video games, which can prove time sinks with little real-life reward? A great way to get over the fatigue of these hobbies is to begin reading. Read whatever you like, but preferably highly crafted books from both nonfiction and fiction. Sometimes, getting a new perspective on life is as easy as reading a great story. Looking into a book is like a portal into someone else’s mind, replete with their views on life. This can help you mentally feel outside of the current struggling situation you feel yourself in, looking at it from afar with new life and a stronger motivation to experience more.


Stick To A Schedule

Many people neglect to schedule their life. They’ll go to work, come back, relax or socialize, and then rinse and repeat. Maybe they go out on the weekend and spend one or two of the weekend days hungover. This can lead to a messy, chaotic daily schedule. Sometimes, disciplined routine can bring a wealth of benefits to your life.  This is the secret of discipline, while it takes in the short term, it often bestows wonderful gifts long term. It is an ally.

For that reason, you should spend time planning your week every weekend. What would you like to achieve in the next seven days? What would you like to experience? Okay, now you’ve decided that, what are you going to do about it? Many people don’t ask themselves this last question, but it’s important to. It can help pull your goals from the ether of thought and into a tangible plan to be enacted in the real world. Identify time blocks where you will achieve this. Make goals that are realistic and achievable, and as you get better at this your planning will become more structured and understanding of your ability.


Get Help

Now, sometimes untangling the web of difficulty you find yourself in is easier said than done. While every time you relapse or lay in bed lethargic and depression, you may lie to yourself about the timeline of your recovery. If you’ve ever said to yourself “In the morning/On Monday I will sort my life out,” then it’s likely you’re delaying the opportunity because you don’t trust yourself. It could be that the calling of a substance or drink could be so strong that you feel there is no escape.

You never need to write yourself off to difficulty. Getting help is always within your reach. For example, getting alcohol detox support from Serenity at Summit Detox Center can help you speak to professional and gain that big-picture view of the whole issue. Struggling with motivation is so much easier when you feel someone cares and has your genuine best interests at heart.



When you feel lethargic, depressed and otherwise in great difficulty, it’s very easy to socially isolate yourself to no end. This is a symptom of mental difficulty, and the worst part of it is that it helps foster the challenge you experience on a daily basis. As you separate yourself, you will find that people are less inclined to invite you out, and your friends slowly become strangers. Too much of this and before long your friend’s list will shrink. When you really need someone to lean on, this will be noticeable. Not only that, but a lack of frank, emotional conversation can make your feelings slowly become suppressed.

Work on making friends, and keeping those that have stuck around. Try and rectify any mistakes that you have made while taking your pride out of the equation. There’s nothing better in this life than making a new friend, or meeting a new lover, so do your best to allow those situations to naturally blossom, and be patient.


Consider Life

Life is short. It won’t last for any of us. It’s important to keep this in mind. It sounds depressing at first, but it can actually help give you that extra push to rejuvenate and solve your issues. If we lived forever, there’d be little to no motivation to resolve our inner conflicts, because we could always put those off until tomorrow. Knowing that your time here is limited will give you a primal desire to make the most out of the days.

A good way to help you in this process is to write a bucket list. What do you honestly want to achieve? Who do you want to meet? Where do you want to travel? Considering that your time-span to complete these objectives is short will give you the energy to push through and try them. When you cross one off your list, the addiction will have started.

Honestly, while having a beer is fun socially, or the difficulties of life might feel better when dulled with an addiction, nothing feels better or more satisfying than a life well lived, one where you can trust yourself to travel in the direction of your goals and come out the other side smiling.

With these tips, you have every opportunity to help yourself and live the life you have always wanted to live. Don’t take this tips superficially. They are deep, and they can work wonders in your transformation. You can rise like a phoenix, but only if you let yourself.

Good luck!


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